future. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/13

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It's Friday and I'm in Love with this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

While the band has varying opinions as to the origin of the music, the enjoyment factor cannot be denied. The simple format and lyrics combine to provide a memorable experience. It is too easy to over analyze today's material but what this song does is provide a simple way to view life and the emotions that accompany the last day of the working week - whether it is that of a school student or that of a work-a-day stiff. "Hey, it's Friday! Forget the rest of the week, what I thought and how I felt, It's Friday and I'm in love!"
Good work The Cure.

This may sound crackpot... | Reviewer: stu | 6/12/11

but the way I interpret it, the days are not literally days, but could be figures that represent different love interests, and then "Friday" denotes a special person whom he's in love with and this song tackles about why he's in love with a particular love interest labeled as "Friday" and why the other love interests monday, tuesday, etc.. didn't compare to "Friday."

Friday I'm in love <3 | Reviewer: Maddie | 4/23/11

I love the cure! spasificly Robert Smith! Friday I'm in love is my favourate! Then love cats! Then... Sorry. I do tend to rambel on. Well! As I was saying, I think that if you don't like the cure, then I'll... I'll... Oh, just think what you like! Its not my choise! I just hope that you do like them! If you do, then read ahead:

T: alented
H: andsom
E: ncredable

C: ool
U: nique
R: ealy good
E: ncredable
Love em! I love em! Mum said that she did fancy them when she was 11 like me!
(who wouldn't be in love with them but fancy is a little to strong) You don't have to be in love with them, but if you are then please carry on loving them and carry on with your life without me making you deef! I am a chatter-box! Sorry! <3 :D :) ;) !!! <3 <3

contrived jollity - they've done far better! | Reviewer: sergio | 4/16/11

This song just confuses me. True, it's all very upbeat and cheery but something continues to nag in the back of my mind....that is, Robert Smith being deliriously happy in song and lyric is kind of not very convincing really. The album from which this came, Wish, features another wildly euphoric tune called Doing The Unstuck - where Smith chants "Let's get happy" with all the conviction of a man in a bear costume who would rather be sanding his own eyeballs than entertaining children at a meet and greet event. Nobody does morose and moping better than Smith, so it comes as no surprise to find so much strange bi-polarity on many of the Cure songs on this album (Wish). HOWEVER - the BEST Cure pop songs are those that sound like very little effort was put into making them sound so amazingly upbeat and addictive: In Between Days, A Night Like This, Just Like Heaven, How Beautiful You Are, Catch, Boys Don't Cry, etc - there are absolutely tons of these seminal moments littering their pre-Disintegration catalogue. Hell, even The Love Cats (rendered trite through sheer overfamiliarity but still a top tune) is less contrived than this song (Friday) by comparison. Back then, after the wretched fall out of his post-Pornography Tour traumas, Smithy needed to show us his lighter side and indulge in his twisted cock-eyed pop muse..... but after the majestic gloomfest that was Disintegration, the seesawing between moods prevalent on the Wish album just seems somewhat ham-fisted. And therein lies the problem with this song and why I cannot enjoy it as much as I did the other aforementioned pop classics. I'd say 5 out of 10, not as classic as some would have you believe.

can fully understand | Reviewer: colleen | 3/16/11

Like quite a few of you, this song means so much to me. Back in the 80's I went out with a guy in my early 20's when life was all about partying....especially Friday night. He lived on one side of Sydney and I lived on the other, but every Friday night we would meet up and were inseparable. They were some of the best nights of my life and this song so reminds me of that time.

:D | Reviewer: Kai | 10/23/10

I love this song! The Cure is one of my most favorite bands amongst Deceche Mode, Joy Division and many more! This song just makes me so happy and hyper! No wonder my friends don't like me listening to this. Kill Joys D=<

its Friday im in love | Reviewer: Matt White | 9/16/10

I've got song repeat at mo, it's Friday 17 9 2010.
Few weeks ago I met a guy and now I'm in love
Its great this songs makes me feel euphoric and loved up
inside. Its like it doesn't matter what's happening
In your work life this one persons means so much more.

Peace. Xxx

Great | Reviewer: Sergio Santos | 9/3/10

This is one of the few Cure songs that, despite its obvious sad part (it can easily be interpreted, as some of you said, as a "negative" being-in-love situation), is full of pure joy. This song can lift you up just hearing the opening riff, and it's one of the few songs I can leave on repeat mode for 4 or 5 times!!

For those who might want similar listenings (apart from the rest of the great Cure stuff), you can try "Pure" by The Lightning Seeds or, in a more modern way (but very similar musically), "Tonight I Have To Leave It" by the Shout Out Louds. Both would be confused as Cure songs easily, and both are great songs...

Although they'er not as great as Friday, I'm In Love =) ♥

The Perfect Song | Reviewer: Craig H. Cowan | 8/6/10

This song can make me laugh and cry in the span of the 5 or so minutes it lasts, and only a few songs can do that. It is the ultimate song for blasting when you're frustrated or when you're just really, really happy. The Cure's musicianship is just amazing in this track; there's one point where I count three different lead guitars playing in counterpoint together. You just don't get that in modern day music. The lyrics speak for themselves. We have all been so in love with someone we want to do the "Snoopy Dance" all day, and this song captures that feeling of utter joy; but there's that other side too: that heart wrenching longing that comes with wanting someone that, maybe, you'll never have. God Bless the '80's.

sums it up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/10

Wow I am in exactly the same position as the reviewer on the 19th of July.
I met this man every Friday night for a while, they were some of the most beautiful nights of my life and I will always treasure them, this song sums it up so well - not being interested in the rest of the week, but just looking forward to those fridays... thank you babe you mean the world.

Loving Fridays | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/10

This song sums up my feelings perfectly as to how I view Fridays. I know a beautiful woman who I met regualrly on Fridays. I used to look forward so much to those days, each week the build up was great and we had laughs together. Now I only see her intermitently and my own circumstances stop me from telling her what she means to me. This song is a perfect reminder of her and how special time spent with a wonderful person can be even if it is only for a small part of the week. Thanks Carol... you are wonderful...

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/10

It is about loving someone, and even though bad things happen and they have a bad week(everyday is something negative in the song), it doesn't matter ("I don't care if Monday's blue...") because you will always love each other at the end of the week ("...Friday I'm in love." No matter what. And you will still love all the little things like them "smiling at the sound" or "eat[ing] in the middle of the night" <3 beautiful song!

new wave is always cool!! | Reviewer: mike | 12/15/09

i've been a new wave fan ever since it started and never tired to listen to this song (in repeat song mode) everytime i travel from home to office, office to home..it suits me..thanks for posting the lyrics..this song gets cooler....and the cure ur the best guys!!

Awesomeee! | Reviewer: Dianna | 12/10/09

It's a song about partying and falling in love for a night. Every friday cause that's mostly when everyone goes out and get's a wild and shiiit. Haha i fuckin love the cure their one my most favorite bands. :)