awesome song | Reviewer: a person | 7/30/09

the cure is awesome! im listening to them right NOW! can this song be any more me??? its a down to earth song that expresses TRUE feelings about luv.... its not just a catchy tune, its a life lessson

VERY CUTE...! | Reviewer: anna | 7/19/09

this song is very cute n makes me feel in love especially my crush played this song during our tarining at our call center company. even though i'm juts 24 i really appreciate this song, it's juts light, not an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Thursday to friday | Reviewer: Emma | 3/11/09

Ow! Reminds me of my teenage time,i was 18 when i 1st hear this song. Love it until now. One of my way to let loose when i'm pushed to the edge of my sanity. Love and things it brings are crazy. So is this song. Love it!! :D

cool-est :D | Reviewer: I_will_be_found | 12/24/07

This song is the coolest! The melody is great and it makes me remember by childhood love... I'm really happy whenever I hear this song... But when the song finishes, i wanna cry... This song has great effects on me, so this must be truly great. One of my fave COOL SONGS :D

great song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

i really love this song, it has something weird that makes me feel sad and happy at the same time....this is the cure!! like no other!

Friday I'm in Love | Reviewer: cristhian | 11/1/07

wow que se podria decir de un grupo fenomenal apesar que ya tiene muchos años de artistas la gente aun los tiene en el corazon aun no los olvida ..................el gran THE CURE kurz gehalten und doch so sehr tiefgründig | Reviewer: exus | 10/25/07

...the cure rockte die 80er jahre, doch mit diesem song verewigten sie sich auf unbegrenzte zeit! friday, thats a feeling , u must hear the words to feel what they re about to discribe, its pure reality!

beautiful song | Reviewer: luis | 10/25/07

i really love this song . this one express how i'm feeling Almost all its details, for this i love in it!!!

tienen todo | Reviewer: daniela | 10/23/07

se q no son los mas modernos pero e parese q tienen ese misterio q todos los artistas buscas pero ellos llevan años en esto y wawww si q lo han logrado cuanto quisiera que vinieran a colombia les aseguro que muchisisimas personas hirian tal vez no de mi edad pero de la edad de 18 para arriba realmente los apesian y porsupuesto que yo aria todo lo q se pueda con mis papas para poder ir esque seria el mejor concierto de la historia encolombia son lo mejos son mejor q shakira juanes avril lavinge q le arreglan la voz sn unos artistas muy muy talentosos LOS AMOOOOOO!!!!!!

MY LOVE | Reviewer: PEGYYSUE | 9/13/07

I'm so in LOVE with this song, I'm in a long distance relationship and it just soooooo PERfect!!!! I love you Julian B, Your Girl forever, PeggySue xoxoxoxoxox

i`ts sunday | Reviewer: coty | 8/19/07

but...ì`ts friday i`m in loveee!!! i love how the video starts...!

ya van 3 o 4 veces en el dia q la escucho!

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Prongs | 7/9/07

I love this song. But sadly, It reminds me of my ex. -tear-
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my "sad" song | Reviewer: sarah | 6/20/07

ok, everybody thinks I'm weird for this....but this song makes me cry!!! I think it's a really beautiful tune etc, but something about it just makes me really everything about love is transient & you can move on from people in a week! x

truly awesome | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 5/29/07

All I have to say is that the song truly phenominal.
Everyone should listen to the song/group.
I am sure that anyone would like them.
The greatest group of all time.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

This is such a beatiful song... It puts you in high spirits, though it has some touches of melancholy, from my point of view... That mixture usually makes great songs.
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