Fear of Ghosts! O.o | Reviewer: Hioopt | 11/30/09

I like the message the song sends.
It's about two people breaking up for unknown reasons. They were very close, and it wasn't a happy break up, but the boy learned to accept it. As time went on he didn't care how far apart they were growing. He misses her, but knows they can't go back to what they once were, no matter how much either of them want to.

FEAR | Reviewer: cainmissinsane | 12/12/08

love the song, it sounds creepy maybe even out of a horror film. It's 6 minutes long, I found this song by accident 4 years ago, it's very addictive oh and @safo.y.safo no one give a fuck about ur life, this is a review not a rant for you to write about ur fucking life so go suck mad dicks!

After listen to this song, and read the lyrics. | Reviewer: safo.y.safo | 11/13/08

Tonight i feel two hearts on my body.Is true.Last weekend i bough a beutiful ring for us, it look like two diamond, two stones kissing each other. So im alredy your sacred wife, by my own decision. My ring has flowers morning lights and i wanted to tell you this, as a wife, to serve you, and help you in this life, no matter if you dont know me, even if you ever has seen my face, or you never have seen my eyes, im yours,i feel beautiful as sacred woman.This must be enough for tonight, Robert Smith.THE MOON IS SO BIG, AND RED TONIGHT.