awsome! | Reviewer: anonymouse | 1/7/12

i havee loved the cure for a while now and i bought disintagration on a cd a couple of years ago and i listend to fascination street and loved it. but i somewhat preffere the music video version, does anyone know whay it is different?

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

I've loved The Cure for a while now and I was actually introduced to this song through Guitar Hero! I heard the opening and that was the end of it, I absolutely love this song! DEFINITLY WORTH LISTENING TO!!

Fascination Alleyway | Reviewer: Chris Finocchiaro | 12/27/07

I was turned on to the Cure by my kids about 15
years ago. When I heard the tune Fascination Street, it kinda blew my mind, since I started
writing a book entitled, "Fascination Alleyway",
back in 1966. Check out
and take a peek at some poetry that revolves around music.

amazing song | Reviewer: Jose Siguencia | 9/9/07

I love Cure and this somg is one is great is like to go out take a drink and something alse and later walk for the fascination street