How good? | Reviewer: daz | 9/22/07

Ever been in a bad mood? This song takes your soul and floats it away to a dream between time amongst the clouds and angels. Rob Smith YOU ARE UNREAL! and thankyou for all the great songs
these guys are surely THE CURE

A masterpiece | Reviewer: Ali | 8/17/07

I remeber first hearing this as a student at university and being absorbed by the intensity of the lyrics and haunting music - Robert you geneous!

tough | Reviewer: gustavo | 8/7/07

I just had a tough day...and what somehow helps me not to fall completely apart is this full of poetry....and desperation.
thank you for saving my life in a way. That´s what art is for isn´t it?

This is why the cure rocks | Reviewer: Bob Chickmagnet (punk-o-matic V.1) | 6/19/07

This song has such emotion, such music mainly vocal build up. it's so intense, by far one of my favourite cure songs of all time. the talent of robert smith to have put together these lyrics is phenominal, they are some of the best lyrics i have ever heard, and it all makes sense in a giant poetic wonder. oh by the way PUNK ROCKS, RANCID IS THE SHIZNIT.