Makes me feel younger. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/09

Probably the most beautiful Cure song of all times. I will never get used to the depressing feeling, though. Even more depressing when listening on a rainy Istanbul afternoon. Makes me re-remember what I had lost until now, and , I must say, that is really depressing. Beautiful friendships, probably the love of my life, and a beautiful, well-spent youth.

Anthem | Reviewer: Tesh | 1/10/09

This is one of the most sad and poignant songs the Cure have in my life, mostly because you get f**ked over, looked over, and as a girl, excluded and irrelevant in my family. Hey thanks Dad if you're reading, if not, don't feel a failure (unless your actually possess a conscience and not just borrowing one for the evening)rest assured your mysogynistic dictions have ensured yeah I am by myself but hey, at 39 I look hot, and had a car full of yobs to toot at me tonight, so screw you. Hope that nasty cow you married 13 years younger is still blowing you so was worth my school fees. 50k a year? she must have been GOOD. Don't waste a phone call or text, I pressed "delete" on your entry a LONG time ago. Long live The Cure and I wish I had an Ipod back then to tune you two out.

Heart break | Reviewer: Ruth | 12/31/08

Again, at the age of 31, I go back to the sound and lyrics of this song - I used to listen to it repeatedly for hours as a 16 y/o. And now it's coming back to me, with another heart break, and feels like home more then anything. Thank you for sharing my depression... I pull out my heart and feed it to anyone!

perfect | Reviewer: Moni | 12/11/08

I'll never know, why you left me without a word. Devastating, never felt the same in the arms of other and think back to last summer. Maybe you had not other alternatives, no courage. In your daily life, yes, family life, you must feel like the lyric says,you had to go back, we know. The price we pay is very high

masterpiece | Reviewer: Moni | 12/11/08

a masterpiece, all the ups and down of a soul are mixed here inside
for me, it'sad to remember the summer days with the man I loved, he got scared of the love he felt and left me without an explanation, now I understand why he chose this devastating way. He could have not face any other way. In the arms of others I never felt the same.

Haunting and beautiful and painfully truthful | Reviewer: Brian | 11/23/08

This song is such an overlooked masterpiece. It haunts me, as I recently let the best woman that ever welcomed me into her life get away--yet due to my own issues, I knew all along it wasn't going to last. Robert Smith is a classic example of the "tortured genius", he's been there too...Which I find comforting. Misery loves company and all that...

Disintegration | Reviewer: JensNPT | 10/19/08

this is the strongest, depressed but yet reliving, emotional song i've ever heard, it's one of my all time favorites because it reminds me of the one girl i loved and now is gone... in honour of this song i have a "Disintegration" tattoo on my chest in honour of one of the best bands ever.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Alejandro | 7/21/08

This song is so poetic, and magical. My wife had got me into this band, and ever since then, I fell in love with the band, and this song. This is one of my favorite songs by them, and will always be.

The story of my life | Reviewer: nihcap | 7/18/08

This is a beautiful but melancholic song. This song seems to be written after taking a look to my lonely life: I really miss the kiss of treachery of all of whom I called friends, but in all the multiple occasions they left me plenty of "babies" (beautiful memories and nostalgias)… I always knew that everything would finish so, but never admitted it. They never came back.

This song is in my mind over and over and over especially in these days, in which I feel that the most special girl I ever might know is going away soon, leaving an enormous emptiness in my solitary shattered heart. I feel I'm disintegrating... I'll miss you Yully!!!

Sorry for misplaced words: I can't see because of tears.

converge | Reviewer: Alexissmoldering | 1/26/08

i love this song, and even more so i love converge's cover. it is to this song what nine inch nails hurt, is to the johnny cash version. sadly i fear most fans of the original would call it a butchery.
download it if you can.

Howbeautifulyouare... | Reviewer: Lacius | 1/11/08

This song is absolutely beautiful. It is the song that I listen to when I feel low and alone. I love the Cure, and this has got to be one of my favourite songs.

great | Reviewer: B Mac | 12/25/07

this song is simply awesome! I ride my bike to it in the early mornings when the sun's just coming up -- like the earlier comment. Intense!

breaking up | Reviewer: Mart | 11/16/07

This album, every time I break up with someone, out it comes. Never sums it up better. If anyone else has the rather peculiar habit of mountain biking on the beach on winter nights in the dark, also perfect. Just me then. Ahem.

In your face honesty | Reviewer: RobinHood | 11/9/07

I never said i would stay to the end
i knew i would leave you with babies and everything...

OMG ! How real is that, in your face honesty. I wish I could also say what I really think like that for everyone to know. I'm divorced with kids... so this one really hits me hard

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

Looking at all of the cure's lyrics, they are so beautifully written, the intensity, the emotion, it's like the songs takes you into the story and there you are playing the part, he truly is an amazing song writer... not just these lyrics but there are so many cure lyrics that are so amazing to read, even if never heard the song, you are still swept up in the story, its beautiful, it really is.