But I never said I would stay to the end | Reviewer: Sergio | 10/8/13

Summer 90, I had to stop with my girlfriend to avoid making things going from bad to worse. I was sad even if I was leaving,and this song reflected my feeling like a mirror.
Last year (2012) I saw The Cure during the Paleo festival in Switzerland with my Son (11) and my Daughter (14), a great piece of emotion. Thanks Robert and all the band.

easier for me to get closer to heaven than ever feel whole again... | Reviewer: chris m. | 7/23/13

i was in high school in '89 when this album came out. this song instantly stuck a nerve and has ever since. i'm 41 now and still jump around through the house screaming these lyrics at the top of my lungs all the while tears running down my face... this song alone is absolutely amazing but when you have 'prayers for rain' 'same deep water as you' and 'disintegration' all in a row, that progression just takes me somewhere no other band has ever been able to. Robert, you are fantastic, thank you very much for the journeys all through the years!

The music | Reviewer: Savannah | 1/13/13

the words are cutting, true and apt. But it's the music to go with the poignant words that get me every time...and Rob's voice. Haunting stuff. Its the whole package that makes this rip your guts out. It has many meanings with one set of lyrics. Masterpiece!

Sheer Brilliance | Reviewer: It's Just Me | 7/11/12

I'm currently 15 and, as mentioned in earlier comments, I too think that my generation don't pay attention to brilliant and hauntingly beautiful songs such as this one and most others produced by this outstanding band. This fact upsets me because if music like this were to be more appreciated than 'artists' in the recent charts would finally get recognition they deserve, which is very little or none at all.
The Cure are one of my favourite bands and Disintegration is my favourite song by them, I think the lyrics are utter perfection and the melody just tops it off. The beauty in Robert's voice is indescribable and his vocals alone can send an individual to tears. This song is truly one of the greatest songs to have ever been made and I know that, even when I'm old and don't have time to be as passionate about music as I am now, I'll continue to listen to this song for my whole life and never tire of it's beauty.

The hole of sincerity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

somebody please tell me that the cure will be touring in three years. The younger generation (including myself) need brilliant bands like the cure to stay around a little longer.

how it ends don't know... | Reviewer: pax | 6/6/11

now that i'm 40 with 2 kids and a wife that i love, just listened to this song and i don't know why the fuck i've cried...listened to it once again, and cry again...the Entreat version is really powerfull...of love and pain...even if you're happy in your life ! or may be something's wrong...wow...

Stains | Reviewer: Achmat | 5/27/11

Beautiful song, the best i've heard from The Cure. "Stains on memory" - like the smell that takes you back to time/event and all the feelings start flooding back. Years past but sleeping dogs are still there beneath it all.

Eye of the needle... | Reviewer: Libby | 8/15/10

I never thought much of this song, I was more into Lullaby, Fascination Street and the more mainstream of Disintegration's songs. Then I heard this on shuffle (I think I was on the bus) and the "through the glass of the roof, through the roof of your mouth, through the mouth of your eye, through the eye of a needle" bit just caught my attention and I was like "Wow." I've adored it ever since.

[Ema, if you read this - :DD]

best Cure song from best Cure album | Reviewer: damon | 8/15/10

Where do I start? Mainstream thought is that Lovesong is the best song ever from the Cure. That is just crap. DJs had to play that song to promote the record. There are too many great Cure songs to mention here, but if I had to pick my favorite song from my favorite album, it would be "Disintegration" from the album of the same name. This song is the best song off of an album chock full of hit singles..... easily the Cure's best work ever. Some say "Head on the door" is their best, but that surely cannot be if you have ever listened to Disintegration.

unique | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/10

i'm 17, and most people see the younger generations to be all about britney and kesha or whatever.. but i love the cure, and i would easily say that this is my favourite of their songs. For me, the song is not so much about depression, but pain. The lyrics are so beautiful and full of emotion, but then there's also the random 'crocidles cry', which is really cool and different. i love this part: 'and mouth and eyes and heart all bleed, and run in thickening streams of greed'. Their songs are really unique and that's what i love about them.

Realize | Reviewer: Dude | 7/24/10

I've been listening to the cure and many others through the years. Never been depressed, never really down...existentialism's aloways been in my train of thought(among many other things). Point is; know, listen, inspire, be inspired...The Cure having been one of my sources...

Lifestory | Reviewer: AxeL | 6/29/10

Im 17 now, and Im in a very hard & sad situation...
that's when I heard this song in a shuffle music session, and my body just felt like in a other dimension, I felt like my depression was in peace, because the beatiful lyrics was telling my lifestory to everyone who hears the piece of beatiful, sad but real words.

masterpiece | Reviewer: FreddieSwe | 11/11/09

This song, along with the rest of the Disintegration album, and most Cure songs, should be listened to when it's dark outside and preferably on a rainy fall night. Love to put on the album and light a few candles and just sit there in the dark and listen through the entire album.

This is in my opinion one of the greatest songs ever made. So much pain, it gives me chills every time. I love how Robert's singing builds up and becomes more intense as the song goes, and when he sings "Stains on the carpet, stains on the memory" is one of the most haunting moments in music history.

Entreat... | Reviewer: Ema | 5/3/09

Words cannot describe my love of this song. (Maybe my 600 play count in about 2 months can. Not much, but more than usual.) I just had to agree, yes, the Entreat version is so much better. And the original was already my favorite song before I got Entreat!

Yeah. Bye.

Party Piece | Reviewer: Alberto Gonzalez | 4/14/09

One of the most poetic, dark and beautiful songs ever written. The best version of this song is found in the Cure's album Entreat. It's very expensive to buy on ebay and such but I would have probably have payed 3 times what I actually payed for it. Things that I can relate to the song is the album Treasure by Cocteau Twins or Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire. Listening to this song is like listening to Robert yelling out the truths in existence through shattering glass. It's nothing like comfort but more like pity for all of us. If you haven't bought the album Disintegration yet then you are wasting precious moments of your life.