Sometimes I dream of Kara | Reviewer: Scott Brewer | 8/22/14

This song is so good and was such a major part of my friend Jay and my existence combing the beach at Kitty Hawk under the shooting stars with the fresh, new, exciting scents from perfumes Kara and Stephanie wore. My entire life, I have been trying to figure out a way to get back that feeling of freedom and happiness. Miss you

the streets all looked so strange they seemed so far away | Reviewer: Mikey J. | 3/15/14

As with a lot of the songs Robert was writing during this period the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous. Love how he uses the multiple vocals to make the words come pouring in like your're in some kind of dream sequence. Words really can't describe how amazing this makes me feel when I listen to it turned up.

Love the band, the song, and the book | Reviewer: talwrite | 9/14/12

I've always been a fan of The Cure. This was one of my favorite songs. Only a short time ago, did I find out that the song is based on Penelope Farmer's book, Charlotte Sometimes. Even though it is a children's book, I went out and bought it, and loved reading it.

Great | Reviewer: bravit | 7/6/12

i listened to the cure since 1988 ....dont forget boys dont cry , to wish impossible things , trust ... i really miss the days of good music ... the lyrics today are filled with disrespect and bigotry and JUNK !!!!

Alternative ballad | Reviewer: Jorj98 | 12/9/11

Though ballad in our days means some crappy ass-licking moaning, this is how ballad should be. Art and feel in every word, that's why I listen alternative music, first of all it's because of the words, and this is a good choice, mind that. Though I'm 20, I recon belonging to the past in thoughtful maner then I belong to my own days, and this is one good reason for that.

she was crying and crying for a girl... | Reviewer: Chloe | 12/22/10

How i wish i grew up in the 80's... the music was just something incredible.. not like now a days just a load of bull! I'm currently 15 at the moment, and The Cure has to be one of my favorite bands of all time. They have such a unique sound to them... and although I didn't grow up with them & their music.. I still have memories of listening to "A Night Like This" when i was really young (Thank you Dad) haha & ever since a my dad let me have their album "Staring At The Sea: The Singles 1979 - 1985" I've just been in love; such strange music YET it works!


Sometimes... | Reviewer: Kat | 12/5/10

It is funny how a song can touch me over time. I think I heard it before but never really listened.

I was in high school in the late 80's and now I am going through something now in my life and this song is so profound to me. I feel like the girl in the video. Alice in wonderland going down the rabbit hole. Hauntingly beautiful.

goose bumps.. | Reviewer: dg | 9/17/10

this song gives. my love died 6-18-2008. my first date with her was sept 10 1989 the cure live. 1989 their epic peak. i love u laurie. this song and this band is hands down the greatest ever. coming from a pantera fan.

Charlotte Sometimes | Reviewer: Hallowed | 10/28/09

The Cure came into my life in the late 80's. Their music is unlike any other that I heard. Maybe Earth Wind And Fire. I love the way you can feel the emotion of the music and the arrangements. Charlotte Sometimes is one of my favorites, I still Enjoy Facination Street, Plainsong, Disintergration, 1000 Hours, Like Cockatoos, A Night Like This, Sinking, The Hanging Garden, Burn, Apart, Doing the Unstuck, Closedown, Last Dance, Same Deep Water As You, and Caterpillar. The Greatest of all is when I Youtube videos that I never knew exists. Heal Your Heart Everyone. Peace

Glad young people like them | Reviewer: Winston | 9/1/09

Guess I am feeling older seeing that some really young people are posting here. You make proud! :-) I loved The Cure since 1987. I just can't believe they are still putting out haunting melody after melody after all these years. "Charlotte Sometimes" is probably their best early song...although I also love "A Forest".

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Ang | 4/18/09

I have always loved the book (by the same title) that inspired these wonderful lyrics, and Robert has managed to capture the haunting atmosphere the book always made me feel. This song is truly a masterpiece and is my favorite Cure song.

The live version from the "Concert" album 1984.. | Reviewer: dave | 1/26/08

..stands a good chance of being the best bit of culture in recent centuries. Fresh young Robert perfected dream language and sounds in a truly surreal experience. The band worked incredibly well that magic night; they had the help of higher powers. Even the audience screaming before and after adds. Hear the keyboard, the bass; fall into the dream.

The live version | Reviewer: bill | 9/11/07

WOW... you have top hear the live version of this song from "Paris" cd.... AMAZING!! One of the best live Cure songs (Along with "from the edge of the deep green sea" from "Show" album)

Milo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/07

i love this song is just amazing!the lyrics make me feel great,this song is how the moon that shines with the light of the sun.
in a moonlight nighti saw myself iluminated going through the road.

beauty unsurpassed | Reviewer: Laura | 7/23/07

One of the most forlorn, haunting and beautiful songs ever written. Robert Smith may be silly, but his silliness is well appreciated here!