..she lays alone in bed.. | Reviewer: Lullaby | 7/15/07

I adore this song, the combination of its lyics and its sound.. It's like feeling lost in an empty and intimate place..That's how I feel when all the people look the same.. and the streets.. Charlotte sometimes crying for herself..

perfect song | Reviewer: Charlotte J. | 7/9/07

Didn't know the song was about a book, still I love this song because I tought it depicted my life perfectly (for those who didn't realize, my name's Charlotte). The Cures is simply one of my fav band, let them continue to rock for thousands of years !

simple amazing | Reviewer: lord juanito | 6/2/07

this song is really,bauty...the liryc is awesone...so deep...is a eternal song.bye

Amazing | Reviewer: jazz | 5/1/07

Hi im jazz! i live in australia in a town called mount gambier. I must say i have been a fan of the cure since 2000 and i was 10 yrs old. My fav song is charlotte sometimes. It has amazing lyrics and the cure just inspires me in everyway. Robert you have such a good voice so different but so amazing! I listen to charlotte sometimes all the time and when i do i think about my life and my future... duno why i just do lol!

Echoes the book perfectly | Reviewer: Traciethepunk | 5/4/07

Both the book (by Penelope Farmer) and the song by the Cure hold the same haunting melancholy for me. The book was what captured my imagination as a child and what inspired my love of reading. I can read it / listen to it over and over and still get the same buzz. The Cure hit the mark perfectly with their homage to the book, the lyric and the melody of the song echoes the sentiment of the book beautifully and takes me back to the wonder of childhood and the beginning of my literary adventure.