Thank U | Reviewer: CasperGhost | 2/5/13

Theres no dout about it. The Cure has been there 4me in the most darkest parts of my life. The words & sounds from them has lifted me up when everything semed hopeless. A Chain of flowers has so much pain in it that it help me threw my death of my lost love.. Im sure u agree as i say this.... Thank U.

True love understanding... | Reviewer: Dvlives4art | 12/13/08

There's no need to say how amazing is The Cure music and how delightful and captivating Robert's voice and spirit is...

"I'll never tell you
Of all the different ways
You make me so afraid..."

That's true love understanding... the fear of loosing the one thing that keeps us alive.

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/29/08

One of their saddest songs but yet one of the most beautiful ones... Makes me shed a tears, that's what I love about the Cure - how Robert Smith with singing can move, and touch even hidden heart...