Too Much Time | Reviewer: Anya Patra | 8/30/13

I think that this song is about someone who does not feel as strongly about their lover as they do about them. The narrator is begging for them to say goodbye even though they have loved for so long, their love is no longer the same and too much time has been spent with the wrong person. I think that it is sad, and there will always be regret because this person will always be on their mind. They will not forget. They will also always be in their heart. </3 sad and daunting

The meaning of Bare, by The Cure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

I think its about how a person can be the right person when your at a certain point in your life, but as you evolve (age) you and they change. It make take many years to acknowledge or recognize it, and after all that time you really feel nothing for each other any more. You also feel regret that you spent so much time with someone that you will no longer be with, shared so much with someone that will no longer be there. You feel like you should have done something else to make it all workout the way you envisioned the love of your life and growing old together. No matter what though, there was a time when it all fit so right and felt so real, and because of this you feel regret and a sense of hopelessness because where do you from there? How many great loves can a person have in one lifetime, and what happens when you change again, or they realize your not who they wanted you to be? I think its more of lament that the relationship was not the final one you envisioned when you were young. Finding the perfect partner and being with 'the one'. Then you realize that your older and that passion that you felt, even if just for a part of your life may never return to you. You may never love again, and that hurts because it used to give your life so much meaning. You start to wonder if it was something you did, or didn't do. Then you just give up on it all and lose sleep and faith with the knowledge that no matter what else you find in life, it will just just slip away, eventually. Great song, haunting and painfully true.

About regret... | Reviewer: Mel | 7/14/10

For me this song is about a long term relationship coming to an end. I think that is about 2 people who were a couple for a long long time, but as it happens in all relationships they are tired of each other the woman says "you are not the same" that you used to "you aged" in you heart too and the man thinks "well I don't know what you want then, It never turns out the way you want... if you are so sick and tired of me well... let's just say goodbye to each other" and this couple really knows each other well they cannot play "the love game" and say let's try once more, because they know that it won't work.... it is the actual end of this whole thing that lasted years and years. And no, we are not going to be friends... just thinking of that is bullshit and we know it. So they separate and as in all break ups you thoughts won't let you sleep, they just won't... you think "what am I going to do now, she/he was my life... maybe if had done something different she might still love me and we might be happy" but when people get to know each other so well you think: No, actually there was nothing she/he or I could do.... we just finally got tired of all this, but at the end of a relationship like this... you always regret even if you were both saints... the "maybe if I..." is going to be there for ever.

Regret on your own | Reviewer: Valka | 11/10/08

I just cannot agree that this song is about the mistake of leaving someone. It is about being with the wrong person for a long time because you never knew quite well what really suited you. It is about men and women and the way their paths cross - not very logically, very often even not naturally as we really are not aware what really happens to us when it comes to our basic instincts and the way they interact with the other stuff that we have to fight and be part of at the same time ...

A beautiful song of regret | Reviewer: Ian Chalkley | 10/20/08

This is one of my favourite Cure songs. For all sorts of reasons. Lyrically it strikes a chord. Who hasnt lived the part where Bob sings of the long nights where he lays awake and thinks of what he`s done. Who has never made the promise that after the split, we will still be friends.

If you ever split up with someone and realised afterwards what a mistake it was, this is for you!

As with so many Cure songs, its musically sublime and lyrically amazing. I dare anyone with an ounce of emotion to listen to this song loud and not cry. It brings emotion to me every time! About how i gave up the love of my life and now i have to live with it. I do spend long nights thinking of her and wishing i could get her back!