11 april 1981, from Britain | Reviewer: ned | 3/3/13

Haven't seen Marie Antoinette, if that be a film, but a little research confirms that The Cure released their album, Faith, on 11 April 1981. All Cats are Grey is a truly magical number and personally i think it might be one of the lead singer's own favourites from his band's repertoire, which spans several decades. The Cure range in style from atmospheric and subdued, to rock four piece, though always a gothic style. Smith's voice is inimitable.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Kai | 9/29/09

A song that is one of my personal favorties. The cure has been my favorite band for nearly 16 years and this song still sticks out for me. It goes rather well with "fear of ghosts" and Ocean (or Adonais)

Finally | Reviewer: Bruce | 7/11/09

I love The Cure's music, from their chart topping pop songs to their obscure album hidden gems. A friend made a Cure cassette for me, with this song being the first. Since that time, '88 I've been trying to find out what it was called. Fast Forward to a Starbucks in Denver, '07 Hahaha When the chic told me the name, I was a little shocked but not, cuz I could totally hear "...all cats are grey..." in my head! So imagine my exitement when the first note of this song plays in Marie Antoniette...I turned to my friends, "I love this song, "All Cats Are Grey" by The Cure". Now they want it:)

Good, not great. | Reviewer: Emily | 11/2/08

Oddly enough, 'All Cats Are Grey' was my introduction to The Cure. I say oddly, because it turned out that it was different from most of their other work. Still a great song, but not their best. It did fit perfectly well into Marie Antoinette, and I'm glad they decided to use it.