Honest. | Reviewer: Colin | 5/30/07

What's heartbreaking about this song is the honesty. Robert Smith's lyrics don't give any of the common, shallow reasons for what he is doing in the song. He could have said, "We're just too different" or "It's just not there". Instead he expresses all of the frustration and resignation of someone who knows that he is giving up something he believed in and wanted for the longest time... and truly something that he loved.

It's a beautiful song.

A bit of a head fuck | Reviewer: diane | 5/27/07

Well Im not sure It seems to be generic with no meaning. read to it what u will. I say its like games

Amazing | Reviewer: Dan | 12/15/05

One of the best written songs I've ever heard. I love it. The Cure, as usual, does a phenomenal job of capturing the emotions everyone feels in thier songs.