Nothing Lasts Forever | Reviewer: Candy Randall | 10/23/12

I really am deeply touched by these lyrics.I once was deeply in love and it was so painfull to love someone so much.But what hurts the most is when somehow this soul mate whom you gaze upon after years of trials,becomes a stranger who looks at you when you speak but doent hear what your saying anymore.It was death to my soul to look in his eyes and know I had to go.I couldn't pretend & neither could he.We have a daughter named Elise oddly.Now it seems this song. Has fit all my other relationships as well.

Awesome song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

It's a brilliantly written song all the way around. My ex and I had a conversation much like the letter written to Elise. We both knew where the relationship was headed and we pulled the plug before it would be disastrous. Although we both were pulling the plug at the same time, we both experienced the heart-break pain as described in this song. Sometimes we need to let the dream go before the promises begin to break and before the make-believe runs out. Robert Smith hit the nail on the head on this one. Wow...

its mei | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/11

I really love this song, the first time I listened to it was in guitar pro, yes the tab software. I was browsing a .rar with lots of gpro files and I never heard that song b4, it was just too damn good and it didn't sound exactly as the actual song and of course had no vocals, but even then I found it beautiful; when I head the real song, I was like: "Wow, what is this". I knew it was good, but it's just great!
I've been listening to the cure for around a year and it's in my top 3 already, I wish I could see them live.

I really hope to never find myself in the song situation (luckily I haven't yet), but I can't stop listening to it

hurts like shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/10

artists nowadays don't know how to make songs like this anymore. a song that captures the essence of real emotion in an artistic way.
this one hurts like crazy when you are living the life portrayed in the song. and i am in it at right now...
but it's toooooo damn good not to listen to. a 5-star rating doesn't do justice to this song IMHO.

letter to elise | Reviewer: paul shain | 6/20/09

well where do i start?, listening to the cure since the early 80s in perth australia, song after song driving 1000 klms to see the "wish tour" in 1992, love everything cure everything now 40 and downloaded a couple of gigs of cure on a sharing website, being a farmer i can tell u what albums prepared what paddocks ie what i was listening to at the time and then 2 weeks ago listening to GALORE its come on "a letter to Elise" i cant believe that i have never heard or paid attention to this song, far out this song has blown my mind, what a pussy i know it has a lot to do with whats going in in my life at present but fark me its so good, all i can say is that like the great philosophers of now and then non of us living today will appreciate how much Rob Smith and the Cures' library of songs will be studied and taught to future generations and howmuch in aww they will be about their ability to transform words in to music and farking great music, the best music ever, every note ,chord, drumbeat, vocal, i cant continue to tell u howmuch this means to me, so u know now howmuch this means to me..............5 stars brilliant

Just Amazing | Reviewer: Charles | 6/3/09

These song I discovered after years of listening The Cure, Is incredible how their songs can get into me so deep.

Right Now I am in the same situation, After many years of a relation ship with my girlfriend, the feelings for her are gone and it is really hard and painfully to broke her heart. These song kills me.... but listen it over and over..... express how I feel.

Generic, maybe so. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/09

On the other hand, if you've lived through something like this, ouch! I picture a cool handsome guy with lots going on for him, meets a decent gal, they have feelings for each other. He doesn't pursue her because he can't give up the single life.

Obscure | Reviewer: Simon | 4/11/09

I am a huge fan of cure songs and so in love with Robert and Simon - bass , and i am still impressed how much time has left away since 1992 wish. Today more over than 17 years i have discovered that " elise letter " has something black.

gorgeous | Reviewer: elis | 1/12/09

i'm elis and i really love this song and Robert Smith is one of my favorite taurus musicians . Though the lyric seems to be gloomy,dark and hopeless but " a letter to elise " still the best song i've ever heard and The Cure Rocks !!!

raw talent | Reviewer: jaida b. | 1/3/09

robert smith and the cure have nothing but raw talent. from there hevey bass lines to there generic lyrics. one of the best bands of all time. if you listen to lullaby, love song, and just like heven all of those songs have meaning. but a letter to elise is just breath takeing and amazing, you can tell he went through something very hard 4 him. the 1st time I heard this song I was in the dark and I just started to tear up.these lyrics are just beatful and the cure is just like heaven :D

I'm Elise right now... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

God! Honesty... I heard this song for the first time a long time ago and i just loved it, I still love it... but now it's painful... I'm living the Elise's life, i'm Elise right now but i would wish in fact, the real Robert Smith were singing to me instead of the "man?" who told me words like those.... after years together and a child...

But i still love the song and The Cure... love Robert Smith

can't belive it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

I just love this song!
i can't belive how much honesty and feeling Robert can put on a lyric.
He can express all that we feel or think.
I belive that Robert Smith is amazing and the band is too.


i can't think of another band who made that kind of music since they begin until now! everything that they've done is brilliant!
sorry if my english is not the best...
we speak spanish in my country.

TALENTED ROBERT SMITH | Reviewer: turkish delight | 9/27/07

i think he is not a good song writer,but poet actually...wish he writes a poetry book one day,i'll surelu be the first one who will get it

TALENTED mr.ROBERT SMITH | Reviewer: turkish delight | 9/27/07

i think he is not a good song writer,but poet actually...wish he writes a poetry book one day,i'll surelu be the first one who will get it

One of the greatest songs ever! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

A letter to Elise is a wonderful song, naked honesty and raw emotion....just what I love in a song!