Rather beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/10

I can never figure out what this song means but everytime I listen to it I get all dizzy and nostalgic, as if trying to remember something that could have been. I love it when a song can give me such a strong feeling, isn't that what music is all about? :)

bittersweet beauty galore | Reviewer: fernando gonzalez | 10/27/07

one of the loveliest, most emotional and understated love songs. amazingly crafted, esp the whispering at the end

A single that never was.. | Reviewer: Cesar Alvarez | 5/14/05

For everybody who likes The Cure, you might be agree with me that this song should be a single, but for reasons that only Mr. Smith knows this song was hidden as a b-side, for the pleasure of whom likes the precious and magical The Cure's music, this song lives as a sweet taste of something that could be great indeed in Disintegration album. Let The Cure give us more musical jewels like this....