Joe Strummer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/14

An amazingly true and touching song. Joe Strummer was a genius song-writer as well as performer and player. I would have loved to see these guys live and wish I could have talked to Joe. When he died, I called my brother, Jerry and told him because he also loved their music. Now my brother is gone too and I just know that the both of them are having some good talks there in the next world and it comforts me. R.I.P. Jerry and Joe

oh so it's the liberal's fault it it? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/11

Well, if those damn conservative war hawks hadn't got us all tangled up in a war we couldn't win, those kids wouldn't have been abandoned! It was handled badly by the ENTIRE country of the U.S., not just the liberals, and we had to pull out eventually anyway

amerasian blues | Reviewer: John | 2/4/11

Forsaken Amerasian kids. But the irony is it was the left wing of u.s. politics that pulled funding for our S. vitnam allies and caused total collapse and abandonment. We even pulled all our air support. That is the real tragedy. And the blame lies squarely on liberal left wing agenda. That's right Teddy Kennedy, your brother spun in his grave over that move of yours.

Hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/08

Solomon was renowned for his wisdom in accepting all cultures to his Kingdom. This song resonates again in 2008 USa (little case is intentional) as we seek to discriminate against immigrants from that "other America."

Meaning of life | Reviewer: mgod | 2/1/08

The majority of this song reflects Strummer's thorough understanding of our nation's impact on the vietnamese, from Dien Bien Phu to the time we finally realized our abject failure in 1975.

So Mama-San says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

Not American, Western. That's "them damned Brits" as well and prejudices against the immigrant work force.
Mostly, to me it's about the Amerasian children that were bred and abandoned by GIs in Vietnam. King Solomon never really had much to do with Western civilization.

Great song. | Reviewer: meg | 12/12/07

This is a great song. It really touches me. I agree, i believe it's a song about the american society and how it's let it's people down in the past. and the parts where joe says, "papasan, please take me home." it really touches me and brings tears to my eyes.

shivers | Reviewer: anth | 3/5/05

i listen to this song (from the here to eternity live album track recorded in '82 boston usa), and shivers run down my spine, it is probably one of the most powerful performances by the clash.
its perfectly played and perfectly sung.
in my opinion its a song about american society and how its let down its people