A bunch of children reviewed this song.. | Reviewer: Bobocap | 10/10/14

When this album was released, here in America we had to wait to get it as it was only available by import. Anyone that ever thought this song was about America should go back to listening to Reo Speedwagon an Journey,cause you just don't get it!!!

England cut the crap | Reviewer: john | 8/25/14

Just because some idiot didnt realize the song was about Mick and Joes vacation experiance in Jamaica doesnt make or mean all Americans think every song is about us..however..if you want ignorance..the song I'm so Bored with the USA was written in ignorance..because once the Clash arrived here..they were not only bored..but fell in love with just about everything inluding the very things they ranted about us in song.If I were you limeys..I'd be more concerned about being the second Islamic nation in western europe behind France..Jihad Johhnys gonna be loppin off heads in Londodn before you know it..good luck with that..at least our civilian population is heavily armed

london calling | Reviewer: simo the clash 77 | 9/21/12

The yanks all have yankie accents surprise surprise, but if they meet any europeans who speak english they say o you have an accent the muppets dont realise they have an accent as well a very loud loud accent.keep bashin the yanks he he.O by the way i do like the boston n new yawk accent, those guys r cool. clash clash clash city rockers

The way it is... | Reviewer: Eric | 8/31/11

Not every American is clueless! I'm from the L.A. Area and understand exactly what Joe/Mick is saying.
No need to slam Americans for being ignorant, we already know there are fools here.
I grew up with The Clash in heavy rotation on the airwaves, unfortunately only the commercial songs played. It took me a while to catch up on the true identity of the lyrics and emotions the band went through.
Older now, I appreciate the quality they had and to be quite honest, glad their popularity didn't explode here because my appreciation to their efforts is much clearer as a fan of unique talent. Wish I had a chance to see them live.
"The Only Band That Matters!"

420 | Reviewer: Coolsong | 7/23/11

I don't know why you are all talking about America when this song never even remotely mentions anything palm trees and weed obviously Jamaica dont be fools if you don't like America then leave if you like europe so much go there I love Japan so I live here now you only live once you are not tied to any land on this earth badass band love this song

Fuck My Country | Reviewer: Caitlin B. | 5/15/11

Can I just say that I'm so sick of Americans thinking everything is about them? I'm American born, but I've always associated more with Europe when it comes to, well, pretty much everything. And the fact that people think this song is about Americans just because of the "white face" line proves my point. Americans are so fucking clueless sometimes. I apologize for the hypocritical, egotistical U.S. of A, everyone. The Clash are so above and beyond any nationality.

dsweeney | Reviewer: Stosh Ilford | 4/10/11

Apparently they don't teach a whole lot of history at Trinity college. A "few" GI's was estimated at somewhere around 600,000 and surely would have included whatever drunk Irish would fit enough to join the Royal marines. People in Ireland hate the USA so much, the the number one Irish export is it's citizens to the USA where they can actually find jobs.

Bored with the USA | Reviewer: dsweeney | 2/11/11

Mickey, you wonder why people all over the world attack America. Well, off the top of my head there is the small matter of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.In case American youth don't know, the US used weapons of mass destruction on the civilians of Japan to hasten the end of WW11 and save the lives of a few G.I.s. And they lecture the world on democracy and freedom while stealing their oil and resources. Joe Strummer R.I.P.

awesome tune! | Reviewer: Flavia | 1/9/10

Mickey, I suggest you do some research before talking about this song, as if it was written about Americans, because it wasn't. Joe and Mick went to Jamaica to write an album, and they were robbed many times by the locals. The song is pretty clear about that.
This song has an amazing power, it blows my mind every time I listen to it. That is quality!

One of best Clash songs | Reviewer: Al Nicol | 8/8/09

I want this song played at my funeral, it is amazing. It is inspired when Joe n Mick Jones went to Jamaica in order to write 2nd album and felt intimidated when they tried to buy some gear from the locals. They just wanted to come home to a..............

Fabulous song and even better live!!!!

wonder why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/09

Sitting here in my safe european office, Mickey, I'm wondering why people think Americans are dense. Was the reference to every white face being an invitation to robbery, the natty dreads at the Sheraton, or the Rudie come from Jamaica part that made you think this song was about America?

Favorite Clash song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/08

I've actually read that this song is about how Joe went to Jamaica and found out it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. They were always trying to rip him off and just saw him as white scam fodder.
I originally thought it was about the U.S. before reading the lyrics too, but now that idea really makes no sense at all.

It stands the test of time. | Reviewer: Mickey | 7/20/08

As a native born American, I lost count on how many Europeans unfairly critisize our country. Yes, we were lied to by our once trusted and respected leaders and we were raised for generations to support such decisions.

Please remind yourself that is is always easy to slam us from your "Safe European Home". As Bukowski put it, "We are born into this."

The Clash forever.

shaken! | Reviewer: richard | 1/22/08

I first heard this song on a walkman when I was about 14 it blew me away completely. The energy and sadness of this song is amazing, one of my all time favourites. Love the clip too!

Boy can ya feel dis one | Reviewer: Brian | 8/31/07

I was a kid in 1st or 2nd year when dis came out. Before punk I was listening to abba and t rex like most kids my age. The Clash blew my mind, the energy, the vibes. I started going to all their gigs. Safe european home is (as the guy above says is the 1st track, and I still remember the feeling 1st time I put it on