that's my idea | Reviewer: arthur | 1/31/11

i think in the moment that joe sings "but she forgot the thing that she had to swallow" he meant the penis of the man she opened the legs and the penis just entered in the fanny of the that's what i thought and is funny all the lyrical songs that joe used to write..........good luck my brothers

not head! | Reviewer: Czuk milyr | 5/28/10

The thing she forgot to swallow was Birth control! This part of the song is about a sexual fling that results in an unwanted child! If you're thinking Fellatio that's just Perverted wishful thinking and doesn't fit thE context or make any sense! The second verse is saying that if you sleep around that doesn't make you a great lover, its all about the passion! And once you ve found the right person you can do it freely and not worry because a resulting child will not be unwanted!

maybe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/10

I believe it has double meanning... She swallow literally, cause she is a real WOMAN, who does wjat a men really want, but also in a relationship there's a lot to swallow, sometimes you have to swallow a lot of things, words an feelings, to make things run smooth...

birth control? | Reviewer: Assblaster69 | 1/17/10

I think the line about what she forgot to swallow really is about birth control. It makes perfect sense. "'Cause everybody knows it's a crying shame
But nobody knows the poor babie's name
When she forgot that thing that she had oh wow to swallow" really seems to fit the birth control idea, in my opinion. Nobody knows the poor babie's name when she forgot that thing that she had to swallow.

"You Western man, you're free with your seed when you make lovers rock. But whoops! There goes the strength that you need to make real cool lovers rock" I think this is implying that the "free love" concept of the west led to many unwanted children being born, and the lover loses his strength to make lover's rock because he now has to take care of a child and loses some of the passion.

"'Cause a genuine lover takes off his clothes
And he can make a lover in a thousand go's
An' she don't need that thing that she had to swallow" I think this is saying that a true lover isn't going to be disrespectful and freely blow his load in every girl he sees. This is implying to me that either the girl no longer needs birth control because a genuine lover will have the balls to wear condoms or that the last couple mentioned are true lovers as opposed to sex partners, and thus don't need to worry about birth control anyway.

Could be totally wrong, just a few thoughts. I wouldn't put it past the Clash to make a straight song about sex with no real meaning or anything, but this just doesn't quite seem like it. There's too much implied here.

Ian shoul ddhoot himself | Reviewer: ron | 3/30/08

If you can't understand songs like this you should have been aborted. A clasicc example of what is wrong with the world today is Ian's review, too dumb to understand a great song like this. I bet he voted for W as well.

you're all idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

that's quality lyrics and keeping in line with the Clash. sheltered zelots, why are you listening to punk if you don't get it?

Lover's Rock lyrics | Reviewer: Ian | 6/13/07

I thought the Clash would have been a bit more witty with their lyrics than to talk about a girl swallowing some dude's load. Perhaps the line "When she forgot that thing that she had to swallow" is about birth control? I have no friggin idea.

what the hell? | Reviewer: nero | 4/15/07

i have nooo idea what this song is about except for, well, fellatio - please somebody tell me there's more (or less) to it