Most Amazing Lyrics Ever | Reviewer: Matt | 11/11/10

Sense memory. Isolation. Identity. Consumerism. All effortlessly worded, perfectly on the money, as if Mick Jones had boiled Freud's Id, ego, and super-ego structural model into a pop song. Oh, wait, he did. And every nuance resonates, not a false step anywhere. This and "Stay Free" are the most well crafted songs in this stunning bands catalog.

Using my time throwing away my thoughts | Reviewer: Cassandra | 3/14/10

I this this song is amazing. I mean, sure, it doesn't cover any big bad world issues of now, but it's just beautiful. It's actually my husband and I's "song" as people say, and we have so many memories and moments and just things attatched to it.

review of the clash-lost in the supermarket | Reviewer: Wendy | 7/24/06

not so much of review because i dont have all day. this song rules. well, what did you expect, a critical response??!

By Wendy