One of the best songs on Sandinista | Reviewer: Daniel Maher | 10/27/10

I must admit, I love this song.The lyrics are really good,too-they hold up well on the page.
Sandinista has a kind of family vibe to it-a family that is crazy and may be even pulling apart, but when you have members like Tymon Dogg or the two boys that sing "Career Opportunities", it's a family I would like to to hang out with-which is what I did when I played Sandinista incessantly when I was 19.
Kurt Cobain hated this record with a passion-it was his loss.

WASHINGTON BULLETS, or "Can we now stop reelecting the unbelievers?" | Reviewer: stephen | 7/2/06

Vinyl or cassette were the only choices at the time.Vinyl was the only accepted choice.Unless you stopped in on your way out of town and simply had to pop it in the pioneer super tuner before you had left the parking lot. When "London Calling" was released I was a college kid in Amarillo Tx.I had never heard of them. No matter,this guy (Stummer)had his back to the camera, the shot frozen in PUNK RAGE downswing;his telecaster gladly giving up his life so the band could continue to matter. I bought the record without eliciting an opinion from the clerk. Which was more often than notan invitation to(they were older than me back then)remind me in a low key condecending tone, that I will NEVER be able to keep my ear as close to the ground as his. Discovering the power of punk late is better than never.Babtized is babtized...Sandinista is my personal favorite.They crossed the pond with their courage and outrage. I may be the only human who will admit the aforementioned, but I don't care. They made me brave, the guitar paid the ultimate price, I can handle years of passionate ridicule. Lose This Skin was the first song that made me weep uncontrollably that first listen.Goosebumps and tears from a feeling in my heart I am only now understanding.FSLN