London Calling | Reviewer: Victor | 3/6/07

this song freakin' rocks. one of the best intros ever (also great middle and end).

I live by the river | Reviewer: Matt | 2/18/07

I bought this 7" as an 11 year old boy living just outside London. I just thought it was another good record at the time but have grown to completely love it over the years. It can bring tears to my eyes sometimes now. RIP Joe - A beautiful, courageous, wise man.

PS: Been to a screening of "The future is unwritten" - all Clash fans must see this film, it's superb.

clash_city_rocker | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/06

this is personally my all time favourite song by my all time favourite band. I love it!!

london calling | Reviewer: chelsea | 7/18/05

I really like this song. i think it sounds really cool, and every night when i go to bed i can't sleep unless i listen to it. R.I.P. Strummer.