was lucky! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

well,this has nothing to do with showing off...I had the pleasure of meeting mick jones back in the bays,still have his vinyl(with big audio dynamite) on my wall,most influencial band in my life...really,pardon my english,but i'm a pole,so...clash legend live on!

London Calling! | Reviewer: Louise | 9/27/07

IT IS NUCLEAR ERROR! not era! God's sake!
I love The Clash! They are my favourite band in the world! I know 100% it's error! It's even on the lyrics sheet you get with the London Calling 25th Anniversary edition!


phony beatlemania | Reviewer: Emi | 9/8/07

Note that the song doesn't mention anything about The Beatles, just "phony Beatlemania." Beatlemania was having The Beatles' faces on EVERYTHING and fans screaming and fainting wherever they went. The Beatles themselves got so sick of Beatlemania, they stopped touring (and their music got better).

I like both The Beatles and this song... And I can't stand a lot of punk, so that says a lot.

Outstanding | Reviewer: Miss Nicole | 8/30/07

Absolutely fabulous.
PS- Beatles were pop.
Clash classified as punk.....
Punk and pop dont play well together, you all know that~!!!!!!!
Kid Rock-Eminem-Blink 182 all slag boy bands....
Face it kids Beatles were a boy band.

Don't judge other fans, o'rite? | Reviewer: SOG | 8/13/07

'I love this song, but hate that others get to hear it, because they can pretend that they know The Clash like **I** do. I mean, I KNOW that I know more than you do about my good buddies, The Clash, because I've heard the songs that **I** think define The Clash. So, obviously I don't like the fact that you get to hear them, at all.'

That's a reference to one of the posts above.

Ridiculous. I love The Clash, too, and it doesn't take away from anyone else's like/love/appreciation for or of them.

Take any fan, not knowing all of these other "THEM" fans that one can generalizing about, just to feel better about oneself as being an imaginary "better fan" than other people one has never met, assuming one is sane: then what should one care if the world hears this band that one loves (The Clash) and thankfully, those other people also have the opportunity to enjoy and possibly love this band, as well, even if the said unknown mystery fanbase that one has never met are not as big aficionados as one believes one is- why would one begrudge the others the enjoyment of the songs they HAVE been lucky enough to have heard?

Solution: if one thinks that way, it would be because one would have to be a Music Snob, or one who believes that one's own taste is superior to that of all others, regardless of the facts, or the subjectivity of "taste," and also one who is more concerned with believing that one knows better than other fans, regardless of all else.

Just dig what you dig, do not wish what you love to be withheld from others!

Otherwise, seems like some of us are more concerned with our own standing as a Superfan who knows more than others, as opposed to one's own appreciation of what he really likes.

Sorry, I just like what I like, and I don't need some kid telling me that they don't like the fact that other people like what they like.

In other words, as the Brits say: piss off!

Don't judge other fans, o'rite? | Reviewer: SOG | 8/13/07

1)Don't wish away your time. 2)Dig what you dig, do not wish what you love to be withheld from others.

Sorry, I just like what I like, and I don't need some kid telling me that they don't like the fact that other people like what they like. I, personally, don't like run-ons with no punctuation besides points of ellipsis.

London Calling | Reviewer: Joe | 7/28/07

Really great song, one of their best.

And "Trini" this song isnt British pop.

btw it is nuclear era | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

nuclear era is era which mean cold wars. god u r a dumb. anyways...
One of the best songs of all time by one of the best bands.

I know ppl who only listen to rap and as soon as they heard this song they even heard it and it was one of the few songs they like that were rock

Great Song!!! | Reviewer: Mario | 7/18/07

The Clash is a grand band, but The Beatles are The Beatles. I like it very much.

It's nuclear error, not era | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

I'm a huge clash fan, and it says a nuclear era. I'm fairly sure it says a nuclear error.

Either way, I love this song.

Rly great song | Reviewer: Trini | 5/26/07

this song makes me remember this beautiful city. I've visited in March...i would go back and live there forewer. this song is a tipical british pop music i think.!:)))) I LOVE it

:]]] | Reviewer: Alyssa | 5/9/07

I rly rly llike this song bedies the fact that the dog on the beatles thats not right

london calling | Reviewer: lonewolf_9000@hotmail.com | 4/22/07

this song is amazing, no matter how many times I hear it I still love it. You really cant get enough.

What a song! | Reviewer: Bucko | 4/20/07

A song like that, you have to look long for. It's great. It has so much feeling. What a song!

London calling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/07

I think this is one of the best songs that the clash have ever released but also hate the fact that it is one of the most well known as people tend to pretend that they know who the clash are by listening to this one song... i mean what about jimmy jazz... which is one of my personal favourites...