The Clash with Class | Reviewer: Tees Heathen | 5/30/07

1977 - no one was really 'into' the Sex Pistols; they were just a badge you wore to upset your parents. The real divide was between followers of the Jam and the Clash. I was and remain a Jam fanatic but this song really did it for me. It had power, drive and the sound wasn't full of holes like a string vest.
My mate was as fanatical about the Clash as I the Jam, but he didn't think this was their best. Just goes to show....

best ever 7" single | Reviewer: ian jackson | 8/4/06

Complete Control is simply the Bohemian Rhapsody of Punk but not just that it's simply the greatest piece of rock music ever made. It has everything, a great intro riff fantastic atmospheric drop out in the middle and an unbelievably powerful end section played and sung with unrivalled passion.
I bought the single by chance without hearing it from woolworths for 30p just after it came out in 1977 and it just blew me away and still does to this day. No other record has that staying power. I never tire if hearing it nearly 30 years later. Mick Jones' guitar is the best sounding guitar ever, the sheer power has never been equalled by anyone even Mick himself. This was the record that put the clash at the top of the league and they never bettered it nor did anyone else. They came close with white man in Hammersmith Palais but it fails on production and energy. If you like Punk or rock music this song will not fail to impress. The clash should have ruled the world on the strength of this song alone and deserve an award for it.

Complete Class | Reviewer: Tim Smith | 2/4/06

Possibly my favourite Clash track, the second half is so well structured, especially when you consider this was a punk band that was doing back to basics rock at the time.