Clash 4 evR | Reviewer: Clash fan 4evr | 8/14/14

I first heard the Clash sneaking downstairs at age 11 when my older brother had his punk friends over for a party. I watched them slam dance around the living room to Complete Control. Hooked! A few years later I saw them in Providence, RI, Combat Rock tour! First concert ever!

Awesome | Reviewer: Geoff Peden | 6/30/12

I had the pleasure of seeing the clash twice (UK) once at belle vue and once at the Apollo, both in Manchester,and still have my ticket from the Apollo gig :-) Joe was bouncing up and down that much if my memory serves me right he fell through the stage at the apollo, carried on singing, just amazing times and memories I will keep for the rest of my life. The punk days were the BEST EVER, one of my favourite songs from the Clash is Police and thieves, but Complete Control just blows you away and it's a song you will never ever get sick of hearing. You were a legend Joe R.I.P see you in heaven for tour best gig ever .

Best Song Ever. | Reviewer: Andy X | 5/18/12

This is easily the best song ever recorded. I saw The Clash on the Combat Rock Tour in Brighton, it was the best night of my life & one thing I really regret in my life is that I never got to see The Clash more. Sadly Joe's passing meant my dream was finally over but I still have memories.
1976-7 was a good time to be a 15-16 year old & it's good to see younger kids appreciate good music today. My kids have grown listening to The Clash, Pistols etc & they like a lot of the music so there's hope for the future!
Best Band Ever.

BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: mad clash fan | 5/13/12

the clash is my number 1 favourite band of all time. I'm 14, and I'm completely against all the crappy pop bollocks in the world right now, so when i discovered the clash when i was 12, i was in heaven. the clash opened up the whole world of punk and almost everything else to me. RIP joe, you legend. I'm really sad that i could never see the clash live, but at least i can keep up their legacy. thumbs up to all the clash fans out there.

Still kicking A** 30 years later | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/12

This song will ALWAYS be THE yardstick for anarchy. No one can touch The Clash, never could, never will. This song inspired me to bleach out my hair white blond and dye it bright blue. When asked by ex-boyfriends, et al. as to why I did it, my answer was simply "just to piss people off". Had acquaintances actually snub me because of it. Zombie Assholes.

Tommy Gun | Reviewer: Tommy Gun | 4/19/12

The only band that matters. Really, this song sums it up. How many other artists have copied this theme and Nirvana suffered for the same reason.

RIP JO's always abour C O N !

Who is speaking? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/10

I don't think the Clash would've sung "Joe Public" at the end

I think it is "This is your problem speaking" - could be a tribute to "You gotta problem - the problem is you"

Btw, when I try to listen, I get "Content Control" (Lol!)

Not just a great punk song | Reviewer: Randy Parker | 9/17/09

Complete Control is not just a great Punk Song. It is one of the greatest songs ever. I first discovered The Clash when I was 14 back in 1980. They moved me like nothing else. I was nuts about The Danmed and The Sex Pistols but nothing ever has hit me so hard as the first time I heard Clash. I remember getting a new pair of headphones from my Mom over this band. She couldn't understand the lyrics(no could I ) and didn't want to. I would blast Complete Contol into my ears and bounce around my room. I had to go buy the sheet music to learn the lyrics. Their accents were so strong it was Hell trying to figure the words out. The music itself was as powerful as the words. The Clash had way of energizing people lke nothing before. I have turned many people on to them over the years. Most were into London Calling more than The Clash LP. That is another sotry in itself. Another one of Musics most important albums was London Calling. If you've never listened to Complete Control. Do yourself a favor. BUY that song.

The best punk track ever - forget it the best track ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/09

Everything about Complete Control is perfect from the opening riff,Joe's lyrics Mick's guitar over dubs,Topper's drop out,to the front cover of the single!White close as did Stay Free but Complete Control still makes me want to smash my windows.Thanks Joe - you're still shining brightly X

Gettin into the Clash | Reviewer: Jamian | 12/30/08

I just heard this song last night and I'm wild for it. This is a punk rock standard; you can hear how everyone else steals from this song. I'm really seeing the power of the Clash. Mick and Joe are absolutely amazing. I wish I knew what Joe was saying at the end, though, like the other post asked haha

c-o-n control! | Reviewer: 16 Year Old Clash Fan | 5/26/08

i did, do and always will love the clash

this has got to be the BEST punk song of all time. so much energy, power and great vibes.

they pretty much bite the system in the ass with this song

although, my favourite Clash song will lways be Atom Tan. <33 I love, i even sing it at work, which is fast food >.<

<33 Rip Joe Strummer

6 years and still mourning...

Best Single | Reviewer: Lizlee | 11/10/07

complete control is just simply complete genius
i just actually saw the autobiography of joe strummer "The Future is Unwritten" last night and it made me realize how truely talented The Clash was. R.I.P. Joe Strummer.

yes | Reviewer: wriggle | 10/22/07

as a punk all my life, i have finally come to the conclusion that this is the punk anthem. it's taken me a few years as you can tell. and i agree with all the previous comments.

rip strummer

Epic | Reviewer: Sophie | 8/1/07

I think this is the ultimate punk rock anthem.
Also, does anyone know what joe is yelling at the end? the line before he says "that means you" and everything that follows after that, I can never understand, hehe.

the clash were the best punk band ever end of. | Reviewer: bobbo lad | 7/3/07

this is one of the best songs ever. micks guitar sounding as good as ever, (well, better) and strummers voice and lyrics are top class. this blows the jam away a hundred times. sorry 'tees heathen' :P