Yes, it's time for the Dr. Goebbels show!!! | Reviewer: dms | 2/9/2008

This song reminds me of the old days. I still play the Clash on a constant basis. It really hits home when my 3 yr. old laughs out loud everytime the song ends and says "he's silly!" and I just smile broadly with tears in my eyes and say, "yea, he is silly". Thank you and God bless you Joe.

Capital Radio | Reviewer: Raine Martinez | 11/12/2005

This song is one of my favourite clash songs. The beginning riff is so awesome and really shows what great punks songs they can make. May not be as wonderful as London's Burning or White Riot but it jams like crazy. If you like the Ramones or the Sex Pistols you'll love the first clash album!!!!!!!! Live Long the Clash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!