brilliant | Reviewer: felix | 12/12/09

This used to be a favourite at a club I ran in Edinburgh in the early 90's. A mix of reggae(I think produced by Mikey Dread?) and punk, with a real hot Brixton summer day feel about it. Now it sounds cool kickin out of my subs in St Kilda, but it brings back memories anywhere.

white reggae | Reviewer: steve robinson | 8/31/07

This trck is brilliant - I remember seeing The Clash in the early 80s and this song was a highlight - the clash had it all - and this song shows them at their best - respectful of the reggae tradition and a reminder to punks everywhere that the roots of punk are in the protest music of black musicians.

Bankrobber ROCKS!! | Reviewer: elly ramone | 12/7/06

This is one of the sweetest clash songs EVER!! If you haven't listened to it yet, you don't know what you're missing! The music is great; it's very laid back and relaxing. Might not be for hardcore punks, but it's worth a listen. This is the Clash at their best!!