Damn straight Charlie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/13

I live in the North (western NY- NOT NY city) and in the small town I come from we live and bleed the same way anyone in the south, west, or east does. It doesn't matter where you come from, the words of Charlie Daniels still run deep. I drive an 86 Silverado with 301,000 miles, hunt everything with feathers or fur, and put my 80-100 hours a week in bustin my ass on the farm I would die for to keep it in the family. If that isn't a simple man I don't wanna know what is. I wont lie, I would prefer living down south where there are more good ol boys like us few up here, but the needle on the compass didn't go into the words Charlie Daniels puts in his songs.

song of the times | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/11

where i come from this song is making more and more sense scum geting let off for crimes and then going out and doing it again.claiming thay had a bad childhood, if they knew that being tired to a stump is what happened if they did the wrong thing i bet a lot less crime would happen.let me tell you if some one broke in my house and stole my stuff that i have worked hard for i won't be siting down and having a drink with him cause he'd be very sore after i'd finished with him.same gos if anyone touches my kids the wrong way.jt australia

Charlie Daniels for president | Reviewer: Matt Beeman | 10/25/08

Charlie Daniels is one of the few in country music that will speak his mind about his beliefs. He's never one all of the awards that some have and had the attention that some have but that's not him. He still makes good music while most people his age are retiring he still performs as good as the younger generation. He is one of the best performers in show business today at 70 years old. I'm glad that we have somebody like Charlie Daniels that is running for political office. Governor Sara Palin speaks her mind and what God has set on her heart and doesn't care what others think. That is very rare this day and age. God Bless Charlie Daniels.

The North Sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/08

You know what...i'm from the north. born and raised and i hate it up here. there are priks all over the place. they look down on people who get their hands dirty for a job. I've been doing tree removal since i was 10. and most of the kids i go to school with were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. i dont really care that they drive nice cars. I am really happy with my 79' Ford F250. It gets shit done and makes me money. as soon as i turn 18 im moving out in the stix to be with people who are more like me... hard workers and against drug distributors

Way to Go. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

You know it amazing to me how every one (up north) thinks people from the south are white trash hicks. But in the south we help each other out we're friendly and hey just cause we dont buy $300 shoes or thousands of dollar suits that dont make us trash that makes us bright honest people who dont sit on our ass behind a desk workin.

Attn: Rich people | Reviewer: Ben | 11/22/07

For those of you who think that everybody that lives in a trailor park is "whitetrash"... I have many friends that live in trailors and they are some of the most hospitable people I have met. Many of the people that live in trailors realize that they are not the richest people in the world and they do make the best of what they have. I have been grateful to have had the family that I have and just so you know, they're not rich by any stretch of the imagination. I stand by Charlie Daniels and this song and i think, if you live in a nice big expensive home and have pretty much everything you want.... maybe you should step back and see that not everybody has it as good as you and many of those that don't, have a bigger heart than you could fathom.

Chris | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

I belive Mr. Daniles is 100% correct!!! Im glad he says what he does. Its about time some one does.

I love this song. | Reviewer: Daisy | 10/12/07

I grew up in the country, working for everything I had, including the food we ate. If we didn't raise it, we often didn't have it. My dad worked hard at a regular job in town then came home and worked on the farm to support us, as well as help my aunt who had to take care of my grandmother who was bedfast. But I hate to tell ya, being Southern born and country raised, doesn't make someone white-trash. So, we might not talk as proper as some of the city folk out there, and we might not wear $300 shoes (but then we ain't that dumb to waste that much money on shoes), we might not live in mansions, but when we walk out our backdoors, we have we can see the trees, hear the birds sing and watch wildlife playing, not to mention we don't have to be afraid to let our kids play outside or take a walk.

As for letting the rattlers take care of some people, there are a few I wouldn't mind seeing that happen to. I had a good friend who was murdered, killed in cold blood, because he defended himself and made a fool out of a guy trying to show off. My friend could have done some real damage to the creep if he had wanted to, he was a black belt, but he didn't. He even tried to get the guy to just leave them alone, but the guy couldn't leave "The long haired country boy" alone. Finally, after he threw the first punch which was avoided, my friend simply held him down, until the bouncers threw him out of the bar. The guy waited outside until my friend came out alone and stabbed him. The guy was a rich son of bitch and didn't do any time. His parents got him off with time served and probation. So you tell me, if letting the rattlers take care of them isn't the better way sometimes? Since our courts are often crooked instead of blind.

Simple Man indeed - real simple! | Reviewer: Vic Christien | 9/2/07

Yikes! I guess anything passes for music these days in the deep south. Apparently Mr Daniels has put his Bible away as well since the only part he seems to have read is the "Eye for an Eye" part. There's also a part that reads (paraphrased) "whatsoever you do unto the least of my brothers, that you do unto me". I hope he gets to that part soon (hint - it's in the Book of Matthew). I happen to think bringing the drug dealer to Christ is better than hanging them from a tree with a short rope (cuz', oh yeah, "thou shalt NOT kill").

... and now, I have to go affix my Hillary 2008 sticker to my Jeep. Peace! God bless these United States!

Man among men | Reviewer: CL Faulkner | 7/20/07

Mr. Daniels is in my opionin the very essence of what America is all about and everthing that we as a nation of "Free" men, women, and children, stand for. We feed the hungry, either in out country or a forigien nation, those of us who live by the 'creed', know the difference between right and wrong. God Bless These United States of America, and in GOD do we trust.
Thank you Charlie.
Chris Faulkner

white trash? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

I live in a 300k house and i was offended by that assholes comment ,I'D LIKE TO TIE HIS ASS TO A STUMP....YEEEHAAA

greatest song ever made | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

I dont know where you get off calling charlie daniels fans "white trash", that is bullshit. I do live in a trailer, I might be a redneck but at least I have respect for others.

amen charlie daniels | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/07

god, best song on the face of the earth, he preaches the truth

Charlie is indeed a simple man | Reviewer: CDB for life | 4/23/07

This is one of the best songs CDB came out with. It has excellent lines and it is amazing how well Charlie did this song speaking whatever is on his mind. If you can, go see CDB over the summer and trust me, it will not be a waste of money. If you don't take a big tall tree and a short piece of rope. Then reel in some tickets!

God Bless Charlie Daniels | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

he maybe a simple man, but he a far more advanced mind than you give him credit for. Mr. Daniels reminds us that this country was founded on the teachings from the bible. notice the "in god we trust" on your money? and he is right on about crime. if drug dealers got life in jail like other countries, what do think would happen? as the the tie them to a stump, he states the bible says and eye for an eye...i'm sure if somebody molested your child, or raped your grandmother, or killed your family,would you have a different attitude or maybe you would hold hands with the creep, sing kumbya, and then let him live with you. criminals love america. they dont get their hands cut off for stealing. they claim twinkies made them do it, and they get a comfy bed in a physch ward. get an education. take a class in corrections and get an idea of what is in our jails, or better yet, why dont you become a police officer and see what really goes on out in the streets. listen to his song, what we need is a few more rednecks, and then maybe you will understand but i doubt it. go put your hillary 2008 bumpersticker on your honda.