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Performed by The Cardigans

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To people that think justin copied this song | Reviewer: Marguerite | 6/7/12

i'm sorry. but yes i know this sound like justin's song. i mean, justin's song sound like this. but, he didn't copied this song. for justin's song called "love me" he sing it, he didnt write that one. i dont think thats 'copying'. just giving my opinion :)

simple and sweet | Reviewer: archie | 5/30/12

the song is a very simple song,has a catchy melody that sticks to your mind that even after a long time you still know how to sing it. I heard this song 12 years ago and it still sounds great brings back a lot of memories from the past, oh and it has an 80's feel to it too

Simple lyrics but a great song. | Reviewer: Udita Rohatgi | 3/30/12

First I heard this song in Cruel Intentions, and I just googled and found it that time, today while giving test paper at school there was a question 'Name five English dramatist' and I wrote william shakespeare in one of my answers suddenly Romeo+ Juliet came in my mind and I started singing love me love me say that you love me, but I didn't know rest of the lyrics so when I came back home I searched for it. Now I have it. Love this love this saying that I love this.

Found it! | Reviewer: Viri | 3/9/11

I dont even know how I got this song in my head..all I knew is "love me love me say that you love me" but I never heard the whole song didnt know the name of it n neither who sings I googled those few word I had in my head until I finally found the song!(:

justin bieber | Reviewer: jennifer | 3/16/10

for telling the true when i heard justin bieber singing: love me love me

i said, omg he stole it from someone, but i couldn't remember who song that song, so i was looking for it and i found it! i don't like justin bieber, but now i know who sing this song: love me love me

this song is really have found after im searched the singer | Reviewer: aulia | 3/2/10

1st time i heard this song, when i watched a movie. it tolds bout a boy who makin love with a girl but that just to prove that he is really a gentleman, so the girl was angry and desperate.. when this guy met with that girl, the girl was ran away n the guy pursued her.. but what a pity, the guys was crushed with a car and he died.. and since that movie's end, i was searched when the guy listened this song on the movie and now i found the title..

say that u love me ... i know that u need me | Reviewer: sleepin beauty | 9/25/09 wat a lovely song ... as i did watch the movie "romeo & juliet" my fav movie and heard the cARDIGAN'S love fool i really really loved it and kept singin it most ov the time .. say that u love me .. i can't care bout anythin but you ....

sherii... pussycat doll | Reviewer: sleepin beauty | 9/3/09

my love 4 this song is mainly cuz it waz a soundtrack n my fav movie ,, romeo & julliet ,, i love you : Leo Di Caprio , Claire Danes & the cardigans .... i can't care bout anythin but u my love ...

fool me..fool me!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

this song for my friens that was fool with a guy that familiar with title playboy! it's so disgusting when he's always try to bother my friend again..every night i heard she sing this song because i know that the lyrics are suit for her situation right now. Poor girl!

go on and fool me | Reviewer: 17milkshakes | 3/25/09

This song is lyrically silly.
I know that I have definitely felt this way and acted accordingly to guys in such a manner this song speaks of.
I've lost the love for this song all of a sudden. It reminds me too much of my past desperate nature, which was a mess!
Cheers, anyway.

the only thing I like in the nev version of Romeo and Juliette | Reviewer: m@rikun@ | 1/2/09

i guess, i've already expressed my point in the title for my comment - great song!!! I can't stop listening it :D so I wish you not to get into situation described in the song - or at least be the one who doesn't love any more :D :D :D

hello im igytu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/08

this song is the maximum in the worls is beautifoul i wish meet to the group is excelent i dont have wods i love people thank you for ride my coment sorry for the ofensives coments but is my group favorite.

how sad... | Reviewer: unknown | 2/8/08

yah guess you've heard it long time ago.. well one of my fav song when i was in grade school days, now after how many years i cant believe i can still linger the song that once i knew .. well i can say is that love me love me, say that u love me.. fool me fool me go on and fool me!!!!

lovefool | Reviewer: turuu | 1/17/08

this song sounds so brilliant.i listened this song so far time from now. now i'm listenning this song and i really enjoyed for this song when i wa child

Even i wish to sing it for my self n i wish if v can realy b together all my life . | Reviewer: sujata | 1/11/08

I would like to tell u all that when i am with him i feel i am on the top of the world n nothing bothers me in this world .
N now situation is that i can never b with him so songs like this would help me to express my thoughts .I will always miss him b'cause he loved me so much that no one can never ever.

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