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Performed by The Calling

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great song .. | Reviewer: Amir | 9/18/11

i dont wanna talk about the song cause its great and everyone knows it ...i just read last review & it made me cry .. i dont believe in god & dont know who u are but i hope u get well maybe a miracle happens ... i saw seven pounds and i loved the movie i hoped i could find some people to do what ben did for theme but 4 cancer :( ...just dont lose hope ...

Few people only know what true love is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

Well I've been with my bf for 3 years now and 3 months
ago i was diagnosed with lymphoma ( type of cancer )
I don't think I have much time left , I'm so scared cuz I don
wanna leave him .. I mean it's really hard to leave someone u truly cherish and go to a totally different place .. I'm so hurt cuz I know I'll miss him more then I can bare ,, I'm writing this review hoping that someday he'll find it and that it would put a smile on his face .. I love you infinity ... And thank you for all those moments ,thank you for giving me life .. Ur support and care are way more then I can ever ask for .. U always say that one day we'll be together , I still believe <3 .. and death won't be the end I promise , wn I go I want u to move on and do all the things weve always planned for and build a house jst like the one we saw a picture of the other day and find a women who cares and loves you for who u r and marry her , have 4 kids like we've always wanted 3 boys and a girl . Make sure u eat properly and don't over sleep like u always do , ill be the most amazing arch ever !! And build ur tower , yeah the one u told me about wn we first met <3 .. just be happy and always have faith in god I'll always be there in ur heart in ur mind and ur dreams .. I LOVE YOU MORE THEN U CAN EVER IMAGINE ... plz take care of yourself and always smile , u know I adore ur smile <3 I'm not gunna say goodbye I'll say see you soon .. And rmmbr one day we'll be together ...

loveeee this! | Reviewer: jess | 6/30/11

this song reminds me and my boyfriend of each other. we have been on and off for two years and its been hard but we always found our way back to eachother and its been for the best because i have never been happier, he is my everything and i feel so lucky to share the moments i do with him, so make the most of time cos you dont get a lot of it, thats something i have learnt in life! "well i hope theres someone out there who could bring you back to me"<3

I still wonder | Reviewer: JJ | 6/6/11

I still wonder if someones there loving her like she needs to be loved. If i could find a way back i would but i cant. Song really cuts into me the atlantic ocean seems so much bigger these days.

Im thinking of you viser girl.

to my beautyful fiance'e PAULINE. | Reviewer: mike | 11/15/10

when i look in to paulines eyes
i know the love is there. that we have for 1 another. she might be NATIVE. but i will go ware ever she will go. when i watch her and guide her its like a big water fall when we cry together in the good and the bad i know shes all ways there. when i sing in the ketchen maken supper for us she tell me that i have the same voice of that dude who sings this song
shes my every thing when i perposed to her on are 2 years that song was playing in the back round. at my brothers on my moms 50th birthday
it made my moms wish come true . that i perposed to my beautyful one and only girl who ill spend the rest of my life with. when when whent on the docks by the water with the lights turned on thats when i poped the ? to her sitting there with are coffee chatting and laughing
this is for u babe. so lately been wondering wholl be there to take my place when im go ull need love she light the shadows on ur face. babe when im gone over seas i will come back to u i promus u i will be back in ur arms
when u think of me in the NAVY look at are pitchure im all ways there. in ur heart and in ur mind i stand with u for all the time

Wherever you Will go | Reviewer: Bonito | 9/29/10

Do you know those days that you wish you could hold the time for Eternity? I think those who once felt in Love know what am talking about. Long Relationship Hurt special when one of the Person Must leave. You left but am stil here with the Love you gv Me, thought Me, Blessd Me. I know you'r in a good Hands and i shuld move on coz you dn't want to see Me sink into the deep Ocean. I Love you Jelena and thanks for the Best Days of My Life. Your African Boy

Oh soooo much memories in this song | Reviewer: Stephen | 7/14/10

this song reminds of me and my girlfriend's first kiss and ohh my god that was almost 2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. were still together and the 2 year anniversairy is comin up but this song is constantly in my head and it makes me feel warm and helps me cheer up when im down and omg its just such a good song i listen to it in my car, at home, and at work it really helps on those stressful days.

touches the heart... | Reviewer: floatinONaDREAM | 6/2/10

This song really gets me every time I hear it. I lost the love of my life and the father of my daughter in September of 2008. It really makes me think of him and I know he is with me wherever I go from now until froever, until we meet again in that big great sky up there in the clouds...
I have someone new in my life and they have filled an open place in my heart and have comforted me so much. No one will ever take the place of my previous life who is no longer, but I know he is happy knowing I and his daughter are no longer alone. He will be with me forever and always...

omg its beautiful | Reviewer: butterfly | 5/7/10

this is the song that stays in mi head all day and reminds me of me and mahh gurl. yeah shes a while away but everytime i thin of hur i think of this song.. i would go wherever she would.. shes mii 1 and only. "And maybe, I'll find out
A way to make it back someday
To-wards you, to guide you, through the darkest of your days" thats the part that will happen.. i will be wif mii baby to make everything all better. :)

i love you baby <3

If i culd,i'l go wherever u wil go | Reviewer: Ibukun | 3/31/10

I'm in love with Seun & a few days bak,he said he'l b leavin d country soon. We've talkd abt it b4 bt i wz stil shaken. D last time we talkd abt stayin apart,we both wept bt we didnt,it wz hard 2 stay away. I listend 2 dis song& its jst wat i wanna say 2 him. "If i culd make u mine,sweet,i'l go wherever u wil go" love u alway& 4eva

Outstanding song! :'( | Reviewer: A girl with dreams! :) | 3/25/10

This is the most amazing song in the world, makes me cry so much :( and im only 15! The calling are brill song writers and should defo carry on, love you guys! This song is inspirational to me to write such powerful music. I wanna be able to write a song and make people feel the way I do when I hear this song. Lyrics are truly outstanding- in your heart, in your mind I'll stay with you for all of time. Amazing!!! Makes me feel sad :( but really love it, best song for years! :) xx

My Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/09

I've loved this boy since the first time i met him. He is the most charming, funny, smart,and caring person i have ever met. Everything he does is wonderful and he has this ability to make you feel like you can do anything. I loved him for such a long time but there was always someone else and i was always there to put him back together when whatever girl he was with at the time broke his heart. we are so much the same it's unbelieveable and we care about eachother very much but there was always something in the way, either in my life or in his. I guess I always thought that one day our lives wouldnt be quite so crazy and things would fall into place. well time ran out and my family moved away. This song reminds me so much of us and our relationship. we talk almost every day and not a day goes by that i dont wish someday i could make it back to him. Believe me "If I could, then I would I'd go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low, I'd go wherever you will go If I could turn back time I'd go wherever you will go If I could make you mine
I'd go wherever you will go

IRONIC | Reviewer: YVETTE | 12/6/09

I wont ever forget the words of this song. Talk about ironic. I lost my boyfriend on the 8th of January 2004.It was a Saturday morning, we went to gym, I made him his favorite breakfast and then I went to go jump in the bath, whilst bathing, he came into the bathroom and played this song for me on his guitar. How crazy is that... just a few hours later he died in a car accident. Whenever this song plays on the radio it takes me to another time in my life. I do still miss him dearly, but I know he is guiding me through good and bad times. I love you Francois and always will xxx

Music at its finest... | Reviewer: James Rogerson | 11/16/09

This song is amazing, its got beautiful lyrics and a tune thats so relaxing, comforting and easy to remember with. I can't think of a song I'd rather listen to. Whether I'm sad or happy I could honestly say its brilliant. The Calling really out did themselves here and I'm thankful they did :)

Lost but never forgotten no. 2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

To "lost but never forgotten". OMG I never thought of this song in this way before, but I so know where you are coming from. I also lost my mum about 6 months ago. We were a really close family, her death was really sudden and I still can't believe she's gone! Today is my birthday, and we all would have been celebrating. It seems so weird that she's not here with me! I hope eventually it gets easier for both of us to remember them without it hurting so much! Keep strong hun! XXX

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