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Performed by The Calling

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Holiday | Reviewer: Leah | 11/1/09

On holiday in cyprus i met this lovly lad called harry he pt hiselve on the kareoke i was thinkin he would be shocking bt to my suprise he was amazing
I had never heard the song bt as soon as i did i loved it and i didnt kno what it was called bt about 2-3 months after i came home i heard it in the shop around the corner from me i was very suprised and now i listen to the song and it reminds me of harry! This ones harrys song haha!xxx

If i cud i'd.............. If i realy cud | Reviewer: Mr. Killer luk | 9/20/09

Hey i 2 hab something 2 say,dis song's realy a part of ma life as it touches ma heart coz neva thot dat i'd change maself in dis way,me nd ma un-managed life got a way 2 go afta i got sum1 caring for me. I had a lot of frens around bt i neva coud get a fren like hr, she wat a fren is meant 2 b for me,so hearin dis song makes me feel dat 'Ya if i realy cud den i'd go to hr past,since hr past childhood nd b wit hr 4eva,if i cud i'd go where she'd go,ya if i cud i'd spend ma life stayin wit hr al da time'

Lost But Not Forgotten | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/09

It's been almost 6 months since I lost my mom. She was awesome and was a true angel on Earth. Many people will back me up on this. I remember listening to this song a week before she died. We sang it together in the car. It was very hard sitting in the car with my friends and hearing this song. My long time friends who knew my mom cried with my the whole time this song played. I miss you mom!

"I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart, in your mind I'll stay with you for all of time..."

I Will NEVER Forget You!

i'll be there for you forever | Reviewer: Unknown_Boy | 7/2/09

This song reminds me of my love cause i always follow her wherever she will go so , i love her very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
shes name Jhanna , but no one know this name of mine, im just a good boy who is very stupid when im falling in love.........

"So long" | Reviewer: nicoleta | 6/7/09

I been searching for this song about 2 years..and finaly I find it..
I love this song so so so fu**ing much.
This song remember me my lovely friends.Donnu'Ermu'Saki.
this song is for me .from Ermu.
I love you GIRLS...I will allways love you.
you are my Angels.FOREVER.and MORE.
sweet september:$..

Touching | Reviewer: Mark | 5/31/09

My girlfriend if 2 years recently split up with me. I was through stupid little things and some issues I have that she ended it, but Im madly in love with her, and this song reminds me of her. Not only would I go wherever she would go, but one very special evening, I sang this to her on karaoke (Cheesy, I Know!) so it holds special memories for me. Oh to be wherever she is now! :(

The lyrics really are somehting.. | Reviewer: Lu | 5/28/09

I couldn't love this song any more, the lyrics truly are somehting. Theres a special someone in my life who Im having to say goodbye to due to going to different colleges, and neither want to forget eachother and want to stay in contact somehow. this song reminds me that I will always keep the memories of him with me, and no one can take them away. If I really could then I would go to the same college as him, just to be with him.

this is a "gentle reminder" song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

i lost the love of my life in september 08. i leave the radio on for my dogs while i'm at work and when i went home at lunch this song started when i stepped through the front door, i was having a pretty rough day and i'm sure kevin was just reminding me he is still with me. thank you for making such a special song.

personally... | Reviewer: me | 4/21/09

I remember singing this song with a group of my old friends, just before everything went pear-shaped and everyone got divided, and I could sense at the time that it was going to happen and it was the end of our frienship. It was an incredibly sad moment. We've gone different ways now and don't see much of each other.

So touchy | Reviewer: Maria | 4/19/09

I used to talk with this guy on the internet, after a year and a half we saw each other face to face... We got engaged few days ago, he left yesterday to his own country where he lives...
If I could, then I would I'll go wherever you will go...
I miss him so much, I really do.

My Story | Reviewer: Jim K. | 2/22/09

When I first heard this song (a couple of years ago) it immediately made me think of what my wife, Gina, had said to me back in the spring of 1998. She was dying of breast cancer and knew she didn't have long to live. We had been married almost twenty years and for 19 1/2 of them she was a cancer survivor who became an inspiration to anyone who knew her. Even though she knew she was dying- and had the right to be concerned about herself to the exclusion of all others- one night as we were talking she said to me, "Jimmy, if I can find a way, I will be there for you and the kids after I am gone. I will help you find someone, because you need to have someone in your life to love." In her eulogy, I said that Gina would live on through the gifts she gave to her children, to her friends and to me and through all our wonderful memories of her life and how it had touched our lives as well.
WOW!!!! You can imagine how "blown away" I was when I heard this song for the first time. I almost couldn't believe it. It was as if the guys from The Calling knew the story of my life! It was one of the first songs I put on my iPod, and by far the most played one as well.
Thank you guys for touching my life in a very special way. I do hope that you "...find out a way to make it back (together)someday." If you do, I want to be there!


Whereever You Will go.. | Reviewer: Luis | 2/8/09

Like A Couple People said. I Listened To This When I Was Little, Like 6 Or 8 I Think? And I've Always Wondered What This song Was. I Heard It On The Radio Today And still Love It At The Age Of 15!. Its A Great Song.

Miss him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/09

my bf is serving as a missionary for my church. he is all the way across the US. i'm not alowed to see, call or txt him. i miss him terribly, he will be serving for a full two years. if i could, i would go wherever he will go.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/08

i used to listen to this song when i was little,about 9. i'm 15 now and i just started singing this song one day.
i didn't remmember the artist or the song name but as soon as i got home i looked for the lyrics and refound this song.
i just adore it.
it's so sweet.
it doesn't have a special meaning to me [yet] but i just listen to it and think about the past.
makes me wonder...

wherever | Reviewer: Ruth Anne W. Bannog | 12/12/08

Wow this would be our theme song with my dreamer... I love this song because of the content and it has a good meaning. Well actually the lyrics of this song has a connection to my past. If ever I remember the past I just here this song...Wherever You Will Go... I Love It...yeah...

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