We live our lives on different sides | Reviewer: Sniper Spike | 3/20/09

A rollercoaster love affair that lasted for more than 5 years and suddenly halted to a stop in an instant, without me know the real reason behind it, She married the guy she just met and left me bleeding on the side, sometimes life isn’t fair, but I believe that ones lost will be replaced by someone better, now I am happily married ..but fate try to test me again, after 8 long years I appeared on her dream, she did use the internet to find me, just to tell me that she was sorry ..while typing the message she cried and remember the things we used to do, memories keeps flashing back…I am the missing part of her life’s puzzle, the colors for the gray area on her life, and I feel the same way too........DBGB / Crestview Florida

soooooo beautifull | Reviewer: kyn | 2/27/09

yesterday my girlfried dedicated this song to me, we just started our relationshipp and its really hard beacause there is so much prejudices against gay people where i live.

so the song is really meaningfull


so impressed!!! ( Gina ) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/08

I really love this song, it fell inside my soul that love, the real love remain forever it spotted in to you're heart which love stigmatized in you're whole personality. and thanks to GERALD he dedicate this song to me which i appreciate it, it is very meaningful to me.

dAmn thAts my fAvOrite sOnG!!! | Reviewer: nikko | 11/13/07

thats my favorite of all music,
i used to listen that music almost 20 times a day.
can u hardly believe that,,

Makes You Hard | Reviewer: Penis | 8/25/07

Listening to this song made me harder than a dimond in an ice storm, and i had such a big com load, it was extravagent. try jacking ooff to this song, it does wonders for you.

Couldn't have said it better | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/07

A very beautiful song. Says a lot of what we wish to say to our significant others, but cannot find the words to do so.

so emotional | Reviewer: muffin | 6/16/07

this song is so emotional. a great song that really represent my condition with my boyfriend, everyone stigmatized us, but our love still there....