Trying to join our lives again | Reviewer: Jg | 8/4/12

You have two choices, give in to societys way, or be happy with that twin soul of yours. Society families and religions will put barriers on age, status, and other whims. I wish my efforts work out well and I can finally dedicate this song to my gf soon. Luck to those of you who also struggle against all odds

not gay | Reviewer: glassrock | 7/26/12

I think this song is not for gays. After I listened to this song it became my favorite song. This is for two people who are so much inlove but there are situations that keep them apart.

Gay + Christian? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/12

So I kind of feel this song is saying that those who do have faith + love for Him are only allowed one type of romantic love; we cannot pursue feelings for those of the same sex, although denying those feelings would be denying ourselves.

In the song it's about following that romantic love and living it, no matter how persecuted you are by your peers and those in your religion; you know you and you should be yourself no matter what.

love and faith | Reviewer: rouen | 4/23/11

we tend to give various meanings to the song since we came from different walks of life. well, this song quite sums up my life right now. i fell in love with a girl who has a different religion from me. we are in love but our difference in faith keeps us apart. she's too afraid that she left me.

"Even God himself and the faith I knew
Shouldn't hold me back,
shouldn't keep me from you"

but i still love her.

Unacceptable Relationship | Reviewer: Erich | 4/19/11

Whhhoooo.. Thank you so much to The Calling for having this song. This song really has a very deep meaning for me and my boyfriend. I am a gay and the relationship that I have with my Bordz Jelo is somewhat unacceptable to the society but we don't really give a damn and even if no one understands, we still live our lives. Yes it's true that this song is most suited to those persons who are in love to thier same sex. We just need to stand what we believe is right as long as we step step the rights of other people. This song is for us MY BORDZ... I will love you as long as I am breathing... Erich and Jelo BORDZ forever.

no ordinary song | Reviewer: luisa | 11/30/10

its a nice song..,the voice of the singer fits the lyrics,,if you listen to it over and over again you wouldn't get tired of it..,its amazing how one could touch the emotion of others by a song,,this is a beutiful song for me and i hope others like it too,i hope all songs make sense like this one..,,its one of my favorite songs now xp

Christian song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

Its a christian song. Its about standing for your beliefs even if other people make fun of you or don't understand you. It's like christ standing up for his faith, as he was stigmatized when he was crucified on the cross as people booed, jeered and laughed at him. Also literally stigmatized as he had 2 wounds on his hands.

Hey. :D | Reviewer: Dan | 5/29/10

Is it really true that this song's underlying meaning and purpose are for gay couples? I'm just curious. :>

Anyway, the first time I heard it, it captured my ears already. This is a very beautiful song. :)
I somehow agree with the person who commented that this song is about two people who are afraid to admit that they are already in love with each other. However, I think that this song is about what we call "unrequited love." It's sorta sad, I have to admit. I think that's what I'm going through right now. :'(

Transcendent | Reviewer: Bald Muse | 1/1/10

The beauty of The Calling is their ability to deliver the "message" always. Stigmatized, takes it to another level, it can be interpreted in many ways, but in the end, it encourages us to find love and if we can't, never give up on it.

i think... | Reviewer: lu.) | 11/19/09

to me this song has nothing to do with drugs.. i didn't understand at first. but now i feel exactly like the song says and i think i've finally figured out the lyrics..
It's about 2 persons who love each other, but they're afraid to admit it, because that could change everything..
they're just to scared to say it's love.
But at the same time they love each other so much that thay can't stay apart.
they're stigmatizing theyreselves...

THE BEST IN THE UNIVERSE | Reviewer: Angel | 9/30/09

This song has a deeper meaning, something out of the universe, I can feel it fills me up so much. I identify with this song: ALEX BAND I thank you.
For my darling I'm willing to do anything, even if everything fades away I'll be there for you my darling.

Spanish Aftermath | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/09

this song just pretty much described how I feel...which, as of today, is unbelievably cruddy at the same time giddy. No, I am not on acetamenophines XD. It's just that there's guy in my class who I actually like despite the fact that he does all these dumbass things to just piss me off. People tell me that he likes me, and that's just his way of getting me to notice him. Ridiculous? I know. Yesterday, he gave me a hug, and now today, he plans to supposedly "ambush" me when I go to tonight's football game. Now I'm thinking, what the hell? he confuses the hell out of me, it's amazing I'm still sane.
anyway, stigmatized is just who we are, more so together than apart. He knows it, I know it.

Cool | Reviewer: Kayla | 6/27/09

I am a huge fan of My Chemical Romance, and I first found this song when a friend who is "in love" with Gerard Way told me to watch this tribute to him. I listened to the song and watched the clips, it was actually very moving. It showed how he really is, not the acoholic and depressed past but it showed him as him. A guy who wants to change the world and it really trying.

a gay song? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

i just realized after listening to the lyrics that these could be a song dedicated to a gay lover. bcoz if you really think hard, the relationships that are mostly stigmatized are homosexual one. just my opinion

Damn | Reviewer: Sweet Baccha | 4/4/09

Sniper spike, geez, it happens yea? And it sucks. Mine is a different predicament. I am married and I met this guy who made me realize I haven't been taking good care of myself, he made me love myself more without him even knowing. I guess love does wonderful things. We live on different sides of the world and a part of the song rings true "When I hear your voice, driving me insane"... so true. I am probably being a bad person but I am not ready to give this up.