where ever you will go | Reviewer: joshua of athens greece | 9/10/12

the calling, i love your song guys,i love it.i think we have the same voice,when you hear me, when i sing where ever you will go,it is like you heard your own voice,really.but you are the original,i really admire you and for me you were the best,hoping you guys to make a tour concert here in athens.I SALUTE YOU you are a such great performer and ilove you guys, do not forget when time comes you make a concert here in ATHENS please mention my name JOSHUA and i want to join you when you sing your popular and number one song of the world WHERE EVER YOU WILL GO. GOD BLESS YOU guys.

Word of notice.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/10

While I love the band too (impossible not to love Alex's voice), this biography is veeeeery outdated. The guys have disbanded, and Alex is flying solo. His album, "We've All Been There", came out a couple weeks ago.

Just an update for all the diehards :)

#1 calling fan! | Reviewer: Allison | 4/9/09

I LOVE U! I know every word to every song and I can play wherever u will go on the piano! I can't wait for the next album and I want to see u in concert soolo bad please e-mail me!!!! alidee97@aol.com
-from your #1 fan

believing!!!! | Reviewer: keen rhino | 9/11/07

hey brother!!!i hope to listen more songs from you!!!keep believing,wherever you will go, things will go your way!!!!

i love you alex | Reviewer: mari | 7/22/07

aleeeeex i love you very much i love you please skype me pupsikuna_mari please i want to talk to you. i am from georgia and i love you soooo....... i kiss you

nice.. | Reviewer: cristine | 3/19/07

..two thumbs up guys!! I really love your song entitled WHEREVER YOU WILL GO..It reminds me of my past!

I love you guys! | Reviewer: Megan Q | 3/9/07

Alex and Aaron,
I've loved you guys since I first heard 'Wherever you will go' and went right out to buy the cd. I've followed your career ever since and can't wait for Alex's solo album to be released. I was extremely impressed with the Two album and still am. I hope you guys continue to make the music I've grown to love.

Wherever you will go!!!! | Reviewer: Ashwin Narayan | 10/3/04

Dear Alex and Aaron,
You are an amazing couple and are among my very favourite artists. Whenever I listen to you playing on the tape-deck, I'm some how reminded of Pearl Jam and at times Metallica. I just hope to keep hearing more good music from you guys.I'll will always remember you and love you; Wherever you will go!!!!
Luv and respect,