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Performed by The Calling

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kickass song | Reviewer: Jonna | 1/18/10

Alex is amazing. This band is amazing.Having been listening to your band songs since i was in middle school. This song is like the best!! You guys Rule!!! I feel so emotional whenever i hear this sentimental song. I listen to this song almost from day in and day out whenever I feel I need some inspirations. "I'm all alone I'm all alone"screemed out all my feelings deep down inside. That's something real! I LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL SONG!!

nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

this song is really bad.. not just the song but the band itself... dumbass... i hate looking at this guy's face.. reminds me of my retarded classmate way back.. alex thinks that he can sing. but honestly, he can't sing.. he only shouts his heart out, and people call that singing.. more like blabbing and yelling all the fans..what a taste!!

i'm into it!! | Reviewer: XMAN | 5/22/09

i really really love this song... i prefer to listen to it almost every hour... and also i have the same voice with alex..hehe.. this song touches my heart... i wish i could meet alex so we can play the song together...yeah man!!

reminds me so much of Thea... | Reviewer: Mitch Alejandro | 9/2/08

listening to the song with the piercing lyrics to read on, it reminded me the feeling of loss and hurt when i saw her go and facing what's true...leaving me with her goodbye. i had to let her go and give up on her without putting up a fight for us. i asked the same could it be any harder to live my life without her? If only she knows how much I need her in my life because the truth to the matter is I have always been in love with her even until now...even until tomorrow...

Just a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

Hey star, u r perfectly wrong on ur interpretation of this song. of course u could dedicate or relate this song to a loved person. i lived a crush on the summer of 2006 for a month and this song really had me, every word written it's like what i felt on that fucking day of goodbye couse she left to another city and far away. she just fade away and the last day i just want another chance to touch again with mi life on her hands... so. it just depend on what are u living at the moment u listened the song.

Anyway this song it's really great.

silverblue | Reviewer: silver | 7/23/08

it's hard to say goodbye to someone you love with all your life! you know that thing that you give your everything, your heart and soul... but to no avail.... and in time he'll just depart and leave you hanging! what a man!

dad | Reviewer: me | 3/19/08

this reminds me of my dad. i heard this o the radio one day and he was in the other room. he had cancer. i heard this song an thought that we had so little time left. i find it very difficult to listen to it even now, so many years later.

beautiful | Reviewer: star | 1/21/08

Whoever wrote that this reminds them of someone who got married is a fool. Its about losing someone you love, by death, quote: "To touch you again, with life in your hands."

Jamie Haynes, rip my beautiful beautiful angel.

this totally describes what i am going through | Reviewer: humpyumkin | 11/1/07

i have been through a lot for the past 2years..this song is perfect!it totally says it all of what i am going through.kudos to the band!

A beautiful sentimental song | Reviewer: serenity | 10/2/07

I love this song, it makes me get emotional everytime I hear it. I always appreciate such a beautiful sentimental song like that.I have benn trough many experiences ijn my life, and I always listen to songs to give me the power to stand.I feel like I am holding a guitar ang singing. I really love this!

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