The meaning of the song for those looking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/12

Starts out at his him leaving in the car from his biodegradable girlfriends house when he gets in a wreck with a semi and is hospitalized for burns. Flashback to his previous relationship with a girl that he used to see but would never be fully intimate with her do to her landscape. The lack of ability for him to become intimate with her led him to leave her for a the pad locked lip girl who he could find physically attractive. As he is laying in the hospital bed he is hoping for his a visitor but the other shallow individual doesn't want to be apart of his life anymore as he is disfigured. His ex girlfriend who he betrayed ended up having sex with some drunk individual...Now he sits alone in his hospital bed as the irony of his situation laughs and his pain has come full circle

Beaut | Reviewer: Aaron | 12/2/10

This song is just beautiful. I just read the lyrics for the first time in analytical detail, and it is heart-wrenching. I love this band so much, they are one of those rare bands that just does whatever the fuck they want and are incomparable. Mad respect

the blood brothers | Reviewer: jordan fucking schlag | 7/2/07

i really dont know what to say. everything about this band i love! its just amazing his voice and how it mixs in with everything! the lyrics priceless and just everything about the song. I love blood brothers. Most played song on my itunes right here. Beter fucking belive it!

later biatchs

makes you want more about the song, almost tells a story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/06

beautiful song, the voices collide very nicely. If you listen to the song it does get more intense its almost as if they're trying to warn you in some act. Its a great song my friend introduced it to me she rocks so hard, shes a skater! Anyways overall the song is really awesome

love rhymes with a hideous car reck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/05

this song is the best the sound is totally ironic in the beggining but this song rocks! keep it going brothers!!! </3

keep on rockin brothers! | Reviewer: meg | 6/30/05

the blood brothers kick some major ass. they've got a totally idividual sound with awesome lyrics and voice like no other. ROCK ON!!

KICK ASS | Reviewer: Pam | 4/12/05

blood brothers kick ass, this song is awesome. theyre style is so different and amazing. if you dont like them or this song, youre crazy

Brilliant | Reviewer: RC | 3/10/05

Can't listen to this postpunk R&B enough--the brilliant lyrics, the beautiful and slightly nauseating vocal style. See the video; the Barfly aesthetic fits the song perfectly.