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Performed by The Bee Gees

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Extraordinary writing and production | Reviewer: Metal Mick | 8/11/13

The simplicity of the Gibb Brothers' lyrics is exceptional and a trademark of their work. None of the complexity and need for deep interpretation that their contemporaries (such as the Beatles) strived for.

The depth of meaning comes from the structure and the production is perfect for their voices (such as they are).

This is a perfect example of how great their work is and perhaps can be ranked with Spicks and Specks, Gotta Get a Message to You, and Mr Natural.

The canon of their work must be regarded as one of the greatest ever.

what a load of old balls | Reviewer: Bill the blogger | 12/28/12

Anybody who can make 32 words into a million dollars has to be a thief or a genius especially when you sound like a foghorn. Robin Gibb would never have made it alone these words man absolutely nothing, it hardly scans and basically it should be consigned to the rubbish where it belongs. The tune is repetitive but its an ear worm and I can't understand why its such a played track. The Bee Gees did some memorable stuff but this is total crap.

Bee Gees will live forever. | Reviewer: Sam | 11/1/12

I love the Bee Gees! Especially Robin's beautiful voice. He was the Bee Gees lead voice on songs like " Saved By the Bell" or "New York Mining Disaster 1941"
Robin will live on in the music world. His voice is still alive today! :)

Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Lee HazelwoodPike | 7/16/12

The lyrics printed for this song is incorrect. The correct lyrics are, now I walk down heartbreak lane and not what you have printed which to me makes no sense whatsover. I am not being rude but want to do justice to this great song by using the correct lyrics.

lovely voice | Reviewer: andie | 1/5/12

i have this song in my ipod coz i love Robin's voice. Whenever i get stressed out or depressed - i play this song... he sings it with all his heart ...he feels it so much... and that's why for me- He's my guy...

What a beautiful song | Reviewer: Pauline McCarthy | 11/6/10

Saw Robyn Gibb in concert in Melbourne recently and he performed a magnificent rendition of this beautiful song. It was a great concert that we thoroughly enjoyed,but without a doubt, "Saved by the bell" was the highlight for me. You dont hear it enough on the radio.

The extraordinary Robin Gibb - Saved By The Bell | Reviewer: Greg Munyard | 11/20/09

Another extraordinarily beautiful and moving song sung as only Robin Gibb can do. Robin was not the only contributor to this monumental song but this is one of many songs that makes him, in my opinion,the most moving, the most haunting, the most intense, the most expressive and indeed my favourite male singer alive. And that's saying something!

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