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finding sources and information | Reviewer: Brian | 5/7/2008

I'm currently taking a course on reggae. We've studied the history as well as the intellectuals such as Gramsci and Benjamin. I seemed to be the only one in class who knew that reggae music was and is coming out of australia. Even my professor didn't know. However, we did go over the reggae influence in the U.K. I want to write a solid paper on the reggae, and the related (Jazz,Blues, etc.) music, scenes in Australia. Ok, here's where I need help. I've been trying to search for books, websites, etc. for good information that I can source off of. Wikipedia isn't a good idea for sourcing, even though there is interesting information. I am having trouble finding this information away from wiki. All help is awesome.

Here now is my review of the beautiful girls. I have the album, "We're Already Gone" and I enjoy every song. From the instruments to the lyrics, I never found anything I didn't like. In fact, I feel that much of the lyrics go along with what we've studied in my course.

Haha, who knows. Maybe my paper can help spread awareness past the influeces of reggae in the U.K. as well as extend the history of its already extensive one.

An Awesome Aussie Band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/2007

The Beautiful Girls are a lot different to lots of bands around today and i think that's what makes them so special. They come out with some pretty awesome tunes and when i listen to their music, it actually seems like they're feeling what they're singing rather than just writing a song for the hell of it!

I especially love the song 'La Mar' because it's so beautiful and special. i also like the fact that they're Aussies and even include Australian landmarks in some of their songs, like in 'Under A Southern Sky'.

The one thing about this band that other fans might consider tragic is that they're not mainstream at all. personally, i'm glad that they're not, because they're style is so unique that they don't need to be mainstream to be popular!

I think that the band should just continue what they're doing and continue to kick-ass!!

A Band Trying Out Something New | Reviewer: Volker | 8/31/2007

Tonight I watched another release of Rage (Triple J video show hosted by ABC Australian TV). Like so often there were bands who reminded me of other bands and after a while I became quite bored. Then all of a sudden, between a lot of white Australian Hip Hoppers either trying to pose like black rappers or trying to rap like Eminem there was The Beautiful Girls.

The video was pretty Karma like stuff. I could literately smell the inscented sticks and the burned petroleum from the fire-eater and I missed the juggler a little bit, talking about stereotypes. But the song "In Love" really made a big difference. I wished I would have heard it on the radio before I saw the video.

I'm hungry for more and keen to see them life.

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