lennon vs dylan | Reviewer: tinman | 3/6/13

john was trying to do a bob dylan sounding song, all the beatles were big fans of dylan, and this was lennon's effort to do a dylan type song , and a good effort it was.great song.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Hannah | 12/17/12

I am 12,13 in august and I love this song it,s not the best song but it is good.my dad plays the guitar and he Id learning some beatles songs to he showed me the chords but they look really complicated.I don't really have a favroute song by them all individually.love you John,Paul,George,ringo.:)

LONG LIVE THE BEATLES !!!! | Reviewer: Mike | 6/17/12

The Beatles are incredibly awesome. I have been ;listening to them for as long as I can remember. My VERY 1st fave is A Taste Of Honey. That's the one that got me hooked on the Beatles.


Unforgetable | Reviewer: Cuong Nguyen Manh | 3/8/12

I'm 19 and I started listen the Beatles two years ago. Although I dont really understand completely the music of Beatles, it is not matter.I still enjoin and it seems to become a significant part of my life.

The Beatles are eternally amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/11

Ya, I'm 15, nearly 16, and have grown up listening to the Beatles my whole life. My dad is a huge fan and a musician himself so he can play most every Beatles song. This has always been one of my favorites and my dad taught me the chord progression but I wasn't exactly sure on all the words, which is why I looked these lyrics up. Amazing musicians they'll always stand in history. (:

I forgot to comment on gayness and LSD ... | Reviewer: Mike W. Herberich | 12/17/11

I can only agree with one of my predecessors that it does NOT MATTER AT ALL whether what was said about gayness and/ or LSD IS so or not ... the music says it all, the music bears all that can NOT BE SAID, apart from the words themselves, etc. ...; or, the even better statement I read above: BOTH (and proably MUCH MORE!) is ALL IN these 2 songs and many, many others by the Beatles: having been (still beeing?) a musician myself, I have always resented the concrete 1:1 binding of contents, statements (political or not!), rational issues to something as etheric as music is and only music CAN be! Thoughts like these (even) apply to such exposed creators as Bob Dylan. I'd go a step further and DEFINE a REAL artitst by exactly this multi-dimensionality: WITHOUT THAT you may NOT be an artist, whereas, by having that, you are not GUARANTEED to be an artist yet, either!
Youngsters! Keep on "studying" (listening, composing like, etc.) the Beatles! All the best and luck!

Absolutely elated to see there are YOUNG BEatles fans! | Reviewer: Mike W. Herberich | 12/17/11

I'm 62, was 18 in '68. This is one of my all-time favourites by the Beatles -if saying such a thing isn't blasphemy altogether since there actually is not, CAN NOT BE, something like ONE favorite song by the Beatles, can there!?
I am absolutely elated to read that there are young, very young (11, 15!) folks who are complete Beatles fans, saying the lova all of them, they have all about then. Stupid as it may sound: THIS FACT lets me hope for the world!
Usually I get the feeling -with all ages and educations- that I am the ONLY person in the world who puts the BEatles on such a pedestal, which is absolutely what I do after an entire life of music (I used to be an active musician myself for half of my life): there is NOTHING, I repeat: NOTHING, that compares to the Beatles.

Mike W. Herberich, Basel, Switzerland.

Lost Love with another lover | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/11

I don't buy the gay angle. He still loves her but he can't go on feeling small when he's been dumped. Even worse seeing them together. He's got to hide his love away and not let it show that he still cares.

love this song!!!!! OMG I'm such a beatlemaniac!=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

I absolutely LOVE this song! I really find it funny that, although this was written for their manager who was gay and that was apparently wrong then, John was bi. Also his favorite food was cornflakes. He and George were so afraid of the dentist, they went together and got each other presents before they went. George was also afraid of airplanes. His shoe size was 7 and a half and his neck was 14 and a half inches. There were 5 drummers for the beatles including Ringo. I hate Pete Best. He sucked. I love Ringo I'm 11 and he's 70 (71 on July 7!) so I'm sad. I was born at the wrong time. Paul had three cats named Mary, Joseph and Jesus. (Really Paul? Still love ya but really?) You know the song Martha my dear? Paul's dog was named Martha! He wrote a song for his dog! *simultaneous Aww...* How sweet is that? Ringo's shoe size is 7, also the smallest of the Beatles, and he is the oldest and most adorable and shortest and his favorite color is purple (Like me!) and I just might love him to death! Of course that would be terrible, so I would never actually do that. That was a figure of speech. And for those few people who actually read this whole thing through (All of it is true, by the way,) I have saved the best few things for last. In 1974, John Lennon saw a UFO and started to run around in circles screaming, "Here I am, come and get me!" Once, the fab four were disguised as chefs to get to their concert with out people, well, I don't know, trying to kiss them or something (That would be me!) Once they got to the kitchen, however, Ringo tripped and all they cakes they were carrying fell on the floor, as well as the Beatles. The Beatles rarely carried cash, they preferred to have stores bill them when needed. Once, when they were visiting the Maharishi in Wales, they ate late at a chinese restaurant. They realized they hadn't any money, so George went into his reserves - a wad of ten-pound notes hidden in his sandal sole.Ringo's biggest dream was to be a hairdresser. And one last thing, to anyone who could possibly understand this, good job you really are a Beatlmaniac (This isn't from Help, this was an inside joke of theirs.) And here it is:Fiendish Thingy. Thanks for reading! I just had to let all that out.

to Holly and Emile | Reviewer: Quique Feroz | 11/7/10

you're right....Julian actually wrote a song simply called "Lucy", Which is dedicated to her and her fight against lupus....But who's to say that Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds can't be about acid? why can't it be about both? the beauty of art is how multiple concepts, messages and interpretations can be attributed to a single piece....one of things that make the beatles so awesome is that they still have us talking about Lucy in the sky of diamonds,decades after the the song was written.

Brian Epstein | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/10

This song is about their manager Brian Epstein who was gay because it was considered very inappropriate back then, and since he was in the public eye so much he had his love life from the world. It's a very sad song, but I love it.

Don't be a fool | Reviewer: Emile | 6/29/10

The story about Lennon's son's drawing inspiring LSD can't be true, especially not just because they said so. LISTEN to the song, TELL me it's not about acid. Its influences, musically, are obviously in eastern music, especially indian, which is also a characteristic of acid-dropping musicians. People don't like to believe that the song's about LSD because they have been trained to believe that it's bad for you in every way (when in actuality it's safer than nicotine, but that's a different conversation) and because they're trained to listen to what they're told, and in this case it's that John's kid draws likes he's tripping on acid. Consider the people, the music, the times, and don't believe something just because you're told. It's totally about acid.

turn on, tune in, drop out!

Beatles | Reviewer: Holly | 6/21/10

So yes, the Beatles were into a bit if drugs back in the day. They had multiple arrests for marijuana possession and have admitted to tripping on some LSD at times. That doesn't mean that ignorant people still have to perpetuate the absolute myth that Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is about "LSD" because it isn't. It's about a drawing Julian Lennon made as a small boy for his friend Lucy. Read up on Beatle history before opening your dumb yap. By the way, the ESP Lucy died this past year and Julian Lennon and a friend have written a song for her. Check out his page for more info.

BEATLES ROCK! | Reviewer: BEATLES Forever | 6/9/10

Beatles were indeed four music gods. Every song by them is a master piece. The most unique thing about their music is that you don`t get bored even after hearing the same song over and over a hundred times, unlike today`s music. Btw I am 15 :P And I`ve got a complete collection of Beatles` songs (remastered) and all the movies and concert videos :D Love you Beatles, R.I.P John and George..

corection | Reviewer: beatle wth n a | 4/24/10

was this song not written about briain epstein because being gay at that time meant he had to hide his true feelings, written by john, after being on holiday with briain .i love all beatles music they were musical geniuses, but they were also very human.with faults like us all.