Beatles Expert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

Yes, John did at least once hook up with Brian but that has nothing to do with this song.

Another of Lennon's that we wrote through the influence of Bob Dylan, and similar to John's "I'm A Loser." In his first line, he says, with his head in his hand, and his face turned toward the wall, is a perfect description of how Lennon was feeling when he wrote this song. The song itself deals with a relationship that has gone wrong, and John's feelings for a girl he lost. This song is also interesting for two reasons: First, it features only acoustic guitars, and second, it featured another musician on the flute solo. This musician's name is John Scott, an arranger as well, who was never mentioned in the credits on the album sleeve. Lennon wrote this song at his Kenwood home, and it was used in the film sequence when actress Eleanor Bron went to the house where The Beatles were staying to try to retrieve the ring. Also, this actress is the one whom it was thought Paul may have been referring to in his song, "Eleanor Rigby," yet I believe it was from the gravestone reference. (See Revolver). It was recorded on February 18, 1965.

I think you're all wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

The song is about someone who lost someone he loves, and he thinks that everyone is laughing at his melancholy state, and they keep telling him ''you've got to hide your love away'' in he has to hide what he's feeling and keep his emotions under control.

At the end of the song he says ''How could she say to me love will find a way''...thats him reminiscing and replaying the film of her memory in his head...then he sees that hes being dramatic about it and accepts that the people will again have something to say ....''Gather round all you clowns let me hear you say, hey you've got to hide your love away''

and that's that.

Don't Critiscize me(even if I can't spell) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

You got the Epstein part right, but I have read and seen on many things that John did hop in bed with a man more than once. I have read before once with Epstein and once with Another man, but a Woman was between them, so I don't know, you can't believe everything you read.

maybe jealousy? | Reviewer: Christie | 11/12/07

maybe he's jealous of everyone else that is in love and he's telling them to sort of 'keep the p.d.a. (public displays of affection) down'...

especially w/these lines:

Hearing them, seeing them
In the state I'm in

to both you idiots | Reviewer: J | 10/1/07

The song is reputed to be about one of Lennon's numerous affairs, as his marriage to Cynthia was failing.[citation needed] Other sources, including musician/singer Tom Robinson, state it is a reference to Brian Epstein, the group's manager, who was homosexual (homosexuality was a criminal offense in Britain at the time).[2]

idiot 1 get your facts straight idiot 2 stf

to the idiot: | Reviewer: Robyn | 9/27/07

Are you HIGH? Really, where do you GET this stuff? John Lennon was not GAY you IDIOT. Yes, Brian Epstein was, but that doesn't mean he hooked up John you RETARD. Go read a book an educate yourself. WOW.

stu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

The song is about an affair John had with The Beatles manager Brian Epstein in 1963 in Barcelona, Spain. Now, John wasn't gay but apparently had the balls to try anything once.

bob dylan | Reviewer: aaron | 5/31/07

I read that John was obsessed with Bob Dylan during this time period, dressing like him, etc. This is supposedly his attempt at a Dylan style song.

Whatever the intention, it's a masterpiece. And to these ears, a sweeter voice to listen to (no offense Bob).

One of the best | Reviewer: Simon-Pier V├ęzina | 5/29/07

This is a grat song I think It's one of the best of the Beatles