the epic beatles | Reviewer: grace | 2/14/09

this is a real good song and the impact how have in their tymes was unbelievable check the movie ACROOS THE UNIVERSE if your a beatles fan although this song isn't in the movie i think they did a really good job with the beatles songs

this songs meaning... | Reviewer: manda | 1/21/09

who cares who wrote it !! its my exact situation at the moment ..there is somebody stopping me from being with the boy i love and he just played this song to me ...the hide your love away part is hard to listen to coz its exactly how i feel ..... and i think whoever wrote it was just expressing how they felt .. good on them and i hope there are more songs like this one made .....

rock on, dude who blessed laurel & hardy | Reviewer: Harpo Marx | 1/9/09

ive always liked this song. it was one of the first songs i liked when i got into the beatles (one of the first i heard cos it came on one of the vinyl records i bought at a flea market!)

i dont care about possible hidden meanings or if john might have been gay. i just think it is a pretty song :D

you shouldn"t | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/09

John Lennon said himself that this song was in fact written for their manager, whom was gay. It was for moral support. It wasn't until Elton John came out to the public that is was okay to accept homosexuality in the spot light. kudos to Beatles for accepting their manager as a gay man. Whether or not John Lennon and the manager has sex.. well it was their choice. Does it change anyones opinion in their music? People listen and love Elton John and he is an openly gay man. what's the difference?

Great pub tune | Reviewer: Hooley | 1/1/09

This is a really good live song in a pub. I can't see any sexual messages contained in the lyrics at all. It reads more like a lament about falling for a girl who doesn't fall for you and feeling like a fool because of it. The chorus, to me, implies that you should mask your true feelings and not display them in front of people.

Nooblets, hahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/08

When I started reading all the reviews and everyone was talking about the rude "nooblets" comment, I thought that it was going to be a really bitter entry, but I have to say, it was so pathetic it became hilarious. I'm still laughing, which I feel slightly guilty for.
The Beatles were perhaps one of the biggest things to happen to the music world in this century, if you have any taste in music you have to at least acknowledge the huge impact they had, even if they aren't your "cup of tea" when it comes to music.

I guess I am a little noob then... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/08

(to the person that did the "nooblets" review) Okay, first of all I love The Beatles, I am not some hippie in fact I am like the total opposite... and I am not in love with the world either... But you need to grow up. I think it is childish and stupid to say 'I hate everyone', 'I hate the world' or 'I hate myself'. You made me laugh, you are silly. Grow up.

I love a lot of different styles of music.
The Beatles are great.

But I heard Type O Negative or Peter Steele play this song live and it gave me chills, the crowd was silent. I love this song. I'm not sure exactly what it was written about but that is the beauty of music, you can apply it to your own situations and interpret it your own way.

Hanalei | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/08

A rule of thumb everyone should live by is dont say anything if you dont have anything nice to say and another is if your going to be a jerk and say some mean things at least have the balls to put your real name because a man who hides behind a fake identity is not a man.

hehe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

lol thank you for whoever put that rude comment on the beatles. at first i was a little offended but then i read on and i just thought it was funny.. it made me laugh.. lol it really made my day..

Some people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/08

This is a comment for the comment titled "nooblets". Okay now. Your going to say that a band that literally chaged the face of music sucks. I wonder what you listen to "noob". What right do you have to say that if you don't like the beatles don't listen to them it's simple. Everyone has their oppinions but you don't have to express your oppinions on a beatles lyric page. If you hated the beatles so much why are you on this page anyways? Wow

nooblets | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/08

i hate the beatles and anyone who says they rock are little noobs and i hate them i hate the world and everything in it and i hate myself and i want everyone in it to get hated!!! this song sucks!!!

God bless Laurel & Hardy | Reviewer: Brian M. Sexton | 2/14/08

Look, let's get this straight. This song has nothing to do with the JFK assination but it is an excellent accoustic tune for public play. Now then, who can answer this.....Who won the cup in 1968?

John might have had an affair | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/08

All of you people who say that John WAS NOT GAY need to be less homophobic. You take it as such a big deal that he might have been.
Anyways there is a good chance that while in Barcelona with Brian Epstein (he did go to Barcelona with him) he had sex with him. That is a widely credited theory. Now stop calling other people idiots because you are ignorant.

WOW this is a chat! | Reviewer: The beetles Fan | 12/23/07

First of all this song is great!! But i read all of your comments and was sondering how some of you even got the ideas!! i think it could be a jealousy song but no one has said anything about just something he had in his head that day... sort of a imagination song. He could be really talking about his life but when i make songs i most of the time make of things... And of course John Lennon (My Idol) was not gay for that stupid person who said that a couple comments up. I have never heard about the affair of him and the beetles manager, but i could be wrong some of you guys know your stuff. I am a huge John lennon fan and i don't care what it is i think this song was song so beautiful... his voice was perfect for this guitar solo like song.
We Love you John!

Inspiration | Reviewer: N.N. | 12/17/07

It is true that the song was influenced by Dylan. Look at the first lines in Dylan's "I don't believe you(she acts like we never met)" and you'll see clear similarities