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------ performed by The Beatles

Best classic Rock song ever heard | Reviewer: Chang Lennon | 8/19/14

I m one of the biggest of The Beatles..they are such a talented I have ever seen.This song is one of my fav song which I m going to perform..This song sounds great and guitar lead is amazing..grt job fab4

Rock Band | Reviewer: Dannybroz | 4/20/12

The people that made Rock Band are awesome and all, but they need to add more DLC onto The Beatles: Rock band. If they included the full album of, "Help!" this song would have to have the people in the back of the studio talking to the boys and saying, "Were you boys buzzing?" Great song btw. Beatles 4ever

A totally awesome song | Reviewer: Catherine Brothers | 9/17/08

Ok,so,right now, I'm actually watching "HELP!" the movie,and I was just listening to"Your Going To Lose That Girl." It's a great song. And,I'm like, the biggest Beatle Fan ever to live(I'm love the Beatles much more than my Dad, who has trillions of records and CDs).Later, I'm listening to one of my favorite beatle songs.

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