Love Me Do I think it was and from there it didn't take me long | Reviewer: Robear4y2k | 6/21/13

Actually, it's been so long I can't remember my first Beatles song. But I can tell you that when I watched Paul sing and play this song on the Ed Sullivan Show on my black and white TV(ok, my mom and dad's), I realized magic was real and not fake. I was hooked on Beatles foever. Can I get a witness?

totally love Ringo he's my Starr | Reviewer: thousand voices | 1/11/13

This song is really sad but I love it because it is beutiful.
I don't know where they get their inspiration but all their songs are truly remarkable.
I wish they hadn't broken up 'cuz then think of all the amazing music they could have made. I guess I can't change that though, but whatever.
It goes to show how good they are that tons of people still listen to their music and probably still will in 50 years 100 years even. I know I would, If I live that long.
I don't know why people say the Beatles suck. The people that do have probably never listened to this song. And they probably listen to this modern day crap and what-not. I don't know why people say they stink when the person has only listened to a few Beatle songs. That's like only reading the first ten pages of The Outsiders.
Anyways what I came to say

J | Reviewer: Hamy | 2/20/12

Hello every body .i 'm from vietnamese .now korean music is very popular ,all my friend heard them .but i'm not .because in my heart.there 's only the bearles.they are wonderful band . If you are the beartles fan you can spend a day in order to say why you love the bearles..i love the bearles so much .my english js so bad .but i want to say what i thjng .

May Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr live FOREVER! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/12

I am 10 years old, and am singing this song in All City Chorus and I am auditioning for the All State Chorus with this song! I have loved The Beatles since last year when I saw their movie, A Hard Day's night. I am a Beatles freak, ask anyone who knows me! This is a great song. Legend has it Paul dreamer those song, played the tune on his.piano, and got the lyrics from breaking up with his girl.

I LOVE THE BEATLES!!! :D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/11

So, when I was 11, I hated The Beatles... Shame on me! Then I had chorus class at my school and we sang that song. I didn't know the lyrics, and so I looked it up and listened to the actual song... Now you can't separate me from my love for The Beatles! :D I am a complete Beatles Maniac. I wish everybody would hear their music and understand why I love The Beatles SOOOOOOOO much!

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/11

I may not have grown up in the Beatles' era, but as many have said here, their music reigns supreme in my life. To think that Paul dreamt this song and wrote it in a day proves his genius. The Beatles were, and still are, absolutely legendary. I love the sheer simplicity of this song but its power to bring people from all over the world together. Millions of people cherish this song and I'm proud to be one of them. Peace+Love

The best band ever! | Reviewer: anushree | 10/9/11

I didnt actually listen to songs by bands....i was more into solo singers but when i heard this song it really touched my heart....that is wher i understood why beatles where so famous!I am 13 and there are very few people who even know about them which is a shame because what the beatles made is LEGENDARY! Their songs are beautiful in evry single way! The kind of songs produced today have very high tecnology in them but the music and the lyrics are missing! I wish there be a band like beatles in this generation which changed the world of music overnight! I LOVE THEM!

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/11

the beatles created music. This song is why paul mccartney is the greatest songwriter of all time and easily my favorite beatle. thank god hes still alive. He is also a very underrated singer and guitar player. I could listen to this song until they find me dead.

Beatles rule live long OH Yeah have every sound track and song and voice and individualy sung | Reviewer: Tim | 4/8/11

Beatles rule I'm 9 years old listen to yesterday every day 60 times! they rule they shall survive anything that comes. Beatles are maybe the best band ever but for me always the best! They are so FN good. Its the first band i admired. I started listening at the age of 5! Beatles start with B because they are The BEST. I hope their will be a second generation of Beatles and that they will honor the name Beatles. Beatles will never be forgotten until the end of the world!(I have a 13 year old brother he also likes Beatles!)and (My father is 56 he also likes the Beatles) and (My mother is 36 she also likes Beatles) and (Iam half Chinese half German!) Oh and I like to eat sushi. (: LOL XD :)

<3 | Reviewer: hannah | 1/31/11

I am 14 years old, ive been in love with this band, ever since i was born. My dad really got me into them.. well them & the Rolling Stones, and i've grew up listening to them and their beautiful music. This is probably one of my favorites, along with Eleanor Rigby and Blackbird. For being so young, and knowing such a great band that was once together I feel like I have something more special than a lot of people my age have.. since a lot of people my age don't even know who they are.. I love The Beatles.

beatles | Reviewer: antigona | 12/21/10

love bitells i love you kiss bitells i love you bitells Love Antigona love love bitells very good they are they are very good bitells a very very pipelleri love love love love bitells iloveyou bitells AnTiGoNa love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

Beatles = Love | Reviewer: caitlin | 6/28/10

I'm heading into 9th grade this year. About half a year ago is when I REALLY got into the beatles. I'm so glad my dad bought all those remastered cds.

This song will always be apart of me. At my elementary school, when i was in fourth grade, we had to sing this song for our musical program. I remember seeing a picture of the beatles in the music books and thinking they were cute. EVEN FIVE years ago when I was 10, I was a sensible young child. I'm proud of myself ;)

grossem | Reviewer: Nola | 11/24/09

I was alive then and im alive now.The beatles were the best in the 1960's.So fortunate that i was born than and im still now.If the beatles aren't the best band than i don't know who is.LOVE THE BEATLES ALWAYS

LONG LIVE THE BEATLES! | Reviewer: Yvonne | 10/9/09

i'm 15 & the Beatles would have to be my favourite band ever, (my dad thinks he is one of the Beatles >< lol) I'm doing my end of year art exam project on them, i couldn't decide because i love so much new bands, but the Beatles will always be number 1:) si i chose them XD

The Beatles | Reviewer: Baylee | 4/7/09

This along with many other of the beatles songs is great. I am actually listening to Abbey Road right now. The Beatles have been my favorite band since I was younger then ten. Of course along came My Chemical Romance and Escape the fate, Taking back sunday. ANywho The Beatles will always be my favorite, the other bands are good to!