:') | Reviewer: LCN | 7/16/12

This song just made me cry (I was listening to it). And I didn't break up with anyone or anything! I was kinda feeling down, so I went to my Beatle's playlist to cheer myself up ... but that song cam on. <3 I love it. I listened 5 times and cried 4 times. :)

best vocals | Reviewer: suzanne | 5/5/11

how come we don't hear similar vocals nowadays? it is a perfect song and you can't not fall in love with it, i am so envious of those who lived during the 60's ... but what can we do right?
maybe someday someone will invent a time machine and i could go bach to the beatlemanina times...

Yes it is | Reviewer: Ringo'sGirl | 3/19/11

I love this song, it's just so...what's the right word...touching, it's just so touching. *sigh* It's sends chills up my spine to hear the part where John says It's my pride yes it is...this is about Julia she was wearing a red dress when she died...My favourite verse is "For red is the colour that will make me blue in spite of you" it's just such a beautiful song...*tears*