Correction for writers | Reviewer: Ms. Mello | 5/30/13

Just a little thing, but at writer it says McCartney, Paul James.. He was called James Paul actually. Paul was middle name.

Also, I do not agree that his and John's relationship was anything romantic and/or sexual. They were close, of course (look at the songs they wrote together!) but haven't you never had a friend like that? I have two actually and the three of course are as close as they got. But we aren't romantically involved..
I look at it like this: if they were in fact involved, good for them, but it tires me to see everyone pointing fingers as soon as people like each other.

Yes Blues | Reviewer: Timbo | 2/22/12

Yer Blues is a throwaway title for a fantastic song. The lyrics are very personal, but like with a lot of things in his life the author is unwilling to confront them. Hence Yer Blues is a derogatory reference. It means "your Blues".

I love both the claustrophobic version by the Beatles and the rocker with Clapton, Richards and Mitch Mitchell for the Rock'n'Roll Circus. They are equalling compelling and, despite the attempt at deflection in the title, as authentic as any sixties white-boy blues.

one request | Reviewer: rockas | 1/27/12

Im not a english speakin..but i can understand the whole song, what i cant is the title...what means 'yer' ,cann anybody tell this. I know it can be mean 'your' or 'before' ,but for both are no sense...what means 'yer blues' here?

My 2 cents | Reviewer: MJ | 10/13/11

I don't think Paul and John were IN LOVE in love, but just writing with someone like that, there was certainly A love, certainly COULD be referred to as a love affair, but not in a romantic sense, more of a universal sense.

Regardless, this is a fantastic song. I love the honesty of the line 'I am of the universe, but you know what that's worth.' Cracks me up and makes me sad at the same time.

eddy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

this is a great song great guitar and vocals. also john and paul are not guy for each other. i am in a band a write songs with my friend i dont go butt pump him after. so brenda you are wrong go home and thimk of what you said and try to do better next time allright.

yer wrong | Reviewer: vinsanity | 4/4/10

I don't think this song has anything to do with what brenda said. I've been in songwriting team before, there was nothing gay about the break up. yes being in a band is like being in a marriage (see Metallica) but stop trying to inject your closet cases into a great band. You almost gayed this song for me, but I know better.

I agree with Brenda! | Reviewer: Michelle | 2/10/10

People are so blind. Someday it will all come out I'm sure..Yoko's Bio I'm sure will say something if it ever comes out. She KNEW, and so did Linda.

So many songs they wrote were for each other. Paul's "Let me roll it" "Oh Johnny err Darling" and the Long and Winding many more.

John hearts Paul | Reviewer: Brenda | 1/13/10

The love affair between John and Paul was starting to unravel. Tragic really.
"We [Penn & Teller] got together to form a business. Lennon and McCartney, Martin and Lewis, they fell in love. Those were love affairs. So the second they didn't get along, it was heartbreaking." - Penn Jillette

One of their best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

I've read that this song was written, not as a serious song, but as a satire of English club singers at the time. Whatever the inspiration, it doesn't matter. Great writing, great vocals - this is one of the best songs from one of the best bands ever. And no, I don't feel like the song is about me. I just love this song.

i am of the universe | Reviewer: yes i'm lonely | 2/1/09

all the people that love this song.. in a way, we feel we are that person. We are that person, it just John found the way to describe it 40 years ago. We'd never find it, so thanks john for your wonderful music and your precise lyrics.

Ledstar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/08

Just at the moment i'm listening to this amazing song and feeling like i was this person...

Yep. Feelin exactly the same...
Watched rock-n-roll circus video (1968) with John Lennon and Eric Clapton playing this song. It's true and bluesy)

A song that reads dark and sweet | Reviewer: seth | 4/2/08


I have never heard this song or it was one that I sadly became impatient with and skipped. I am just putting this out there to get opinons on the song righting factor of the beattles lennon and macartney. From listening to lennons most notable songs that I love Norweigen Wood, Lucy in the sky with diamonds and Revultion Lennons music in some ways gives me a feelin that he was almost to much for the general public compared to Mcartney who is great in his own right but comes off to me as being less unique and a artists that music did not have to elbow its way into are minds just a gentler song writter. Please give your opinons I want to hear your opinons.

Loving this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Just at the moment i'm listening to this amazing song and feeling like i was this person... what elso can i say?...

kisses and love

This song has the power | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

Right now i`m listening "Yer Blues", but the version wich was played by Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and of course John Lennon...
I love the lyrics, i must say that sometimes i feel like the person in the song...



I'm feelin' it | Reviewer: Kev | 9/17/07

This song is an exact mirror to how I feel in my life right now. Broke up with my women, and life has taken a turn for the worst. Just watched an episode of south park which struck me as the most ironic thing ever, it was an exact mirror of my situtation... woah...

Worlds crashing down... But this song is excellent, atleast I know someone who somehow felt the way I do... Great job John.. :)