o yeah | Reviewer: abbey delaney | 11/12/07

i love this song.
i have loved it since i was like five years old.
i love the beatles.
they are amazing.
whoever hates this song, or them, should crawl in a hole.

Amazing | Reviewer: Bill Graves | 11/1/07

I'm amazed at how many of you know more than each other. I suppose being 13 or 15 or being a philosophy major makes someone an automatic expert. The fact that John wrote this song when discovering the same school that said he would amount to nothing analyzed Beatles songs in class probably means nothing. I guess the quote, "Let the f**kers analyze that!" has no bearing. Maybe I should get a philosophy degree so I can understand better what John meant by that...

Well... | Reviewer: Dugi | 10/30/07

this is totally inaccurate! they live in a yellow submarine! not some silly school! and who the f*** is hannah and why is she horny? What is happening to this f'ed up world?!?! Anarchy reigns forever!!:]

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: althea | 10/3/07

everyone that hates this song is a retard! my goal in lfe is to live in the ocean in a yellow submarine and play this song all the time! and if olivia kat or mikaela r raeding this i am not a dork!


I started playing guitar because of this song | Reviewer: Sacha Chan Yan | 9/19/07

This is how it started for me.. I asked a friend to teach me Yellow Submarine and then I just couldn't stop. The result you can check out on my site: www.sachachanyan.com
There's not much music on yet but more's coming soon! Watch out Paul McCartney...

Yellow Submarine | Reviewer: Erin | 9/15/07

I love that song "Yellow Submarine" It has been in my head for the last 2 weeks. I'm now looking up the rest of the lyrics as I am so tired & can't remember them all. I don't care what you all say, but I love the Beatles. Good night wherever you are. ~Erin

this song is gay | Reviewer: Amy | 8/27/07

i have to sing this song for an assesment. its the boringest song ever!! I hate the beatles.. i only like 2 of their songs... Let it be and Yesterday..

THIS SONG SUCKS! i give it -10 out of 10

Yellow sumbarine | Reviewer: Angel V | 6/28/07

instead of saying "yellow submarine" you can say a "tub of margarine"

YElloW SUbmarine | Reviewer: Liz | 6/20/07

i just know that THE BEATLES rock... and they will always will... so there.... :)

hello | Reviewer: hannah | 6/17/07

hello my name of hannah.
i like this song by beatles really much.
it gets me and my boyfriend of greg.. what you call... horny?
it feels well.
i like the felling of horny
greg like hannah horny.

by by frinds


by by from hannah

Mr. Barker | Reviewer: tobias.robinson@tiscali.co.uk | 6/12/07

I understand that the song Yellow Submarine was written at the Coastguard Cottages,Dunwich Heath,Suffolk, England, where the Beatles were staying at the time.The lyrics were 'full speed ahead, Mr. Barker, full speed ahead', Mr. Barker being the owner of the cottages.

Mad Bone | Reviewer: zs | 5/21/07

This song is really really really bone when I am rafting down the amazon with mexicans I try to avoid listening to this song but maria and pablo juannette really love this song because they listened to it in their child labor produced mp3 players running over the border and the game on the side is awkward

We're In The Land of Submarines | Reviewer: Robb Touchton | 5/18/07

As for the deep meaning of the song, that’s the beauty of this dynamic group. They knew how to entertain and make fun-songs and yet get serious with underlying political and spiritual knowledge for those who will look, listen and understand.

Having been a long time fan of the Beatles and reviewing my own experiences in life, I find the song more interesting today than before. It was written after The Fab Four returned from the Himalayas where they peered into much esoteric mysticism. After all sort of experiences, a major turn off, busted the bubble of the entire trip when they learned of the Maharishi’s sexual advances towards a young woman and an incident with Rosemary’s Baby” actress Mia Farrow. The Maharishi was one of the reasons, as with many Stars, the Beatles went to the Himalayas to study esotericism and the meaning of life. He was creator of the Transcendental Meditation Movement, and the Fab Four referred to him as “The Fool On The Hill”. After the shock they went back to Abbey Road, pondered awhile and then began to write about what they saw and learned. Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Magical Mystery Tour were two of the major recorded albums of songs that represent these experiences.

In the mystics, colors have meaning, and Yellow is the color that signifies life, as with the color and the life giving energy from the Sun. Green is the color of nature and dark green the color of material gain, wealth and prosperity. In matter of fact the movie Yellow Submarine brought all of these vivid colors to the screen as it presented a smorgasbord of flamboyant paint to the mind of the viewer. The symbol of the Big Brother was portrayed as the BLUE Meanies, as dark blue represents power, integrity and seriousness.

However, the opening line always struck me as interesting. Life for them was elsewhere but in order to go to place of submarines, you had to submerge yourself into a vessel, a living submarine and a yellow one at that. The Beatles sailed up to the sun (life giving energy) and then to the sea of green beneath the waves. They lived pretty freely beneath the turmoil because of their wealth.

So with that being said, I believe that the Yellow Submarine is about our bodies which our spirits (from the town where we were born) are submerged in this world. As they reiterate over and over in the chorus that WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE. The sea in many books of mystics, as well as the Bible represents ALL of the people on earth and their emotions (the rise and fall of the waves of Helter Skelter.) And then the Band begins to play, “The Beatles” who intrigued and still do, generations with their happy melodies for both the light hearted as well as deep lyrics for those who like to think and ponder.

I find it interesting that last year Paul McCartney, one of the two surviving group members, turned 64 and I recalled his famous song which asks, “Will you still love me when I turn sixty-four?”

The meaning of this song | Reviewer: joe simmons | 5/18/07

Yellow Submarine was written when the Beatles were on tour, they lived out of their rented schoolbus, and everyday they used copius amounts of LSD. Ringo, while hallucinating, swore the yellow schoolbus was really a submarine and that it was flowing through a "sea of green" (native grasses and hilly vegetation.)
If you don't believe me, check out Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, there is a mention of this.

Yellow Submarine | Reviewer: Eder P.C. | 5/15/07

At the end of the section where the strange spoken voice repeats the lyrics, Ringo seems to sing "slubmarine".