Sing It Loud! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

I'm 15 and grew up and still do listen to The Beatles. This was the first song I knew all the words to because my dad used to sing it to me before I went to bed. My friend and I sing this song during maths all the time and the teacher looks at us like we're insane, its really quite funny.

I'm amazed I still love them since I'm kinda a bogan these days, but gotta love true talent, not the crap *cough*Justina Beiber*cough* that is classed as mainstream music these day. =D

What does yellow submarine mean. | Reviewer: ulla neess gomez | 8/5/10

I am a superfan of the beatles.I was in NYC in the 60┬┤ies,and I remember when the movie finished and all the people stood up and sang the song all together.It was the most fantastic feeling of being in the same boat.It was an agreement on love and happiness!I guess the beatles "knew"they had found the formula to make the world a happy place through music because the blue means could not resist.But somehow the spirit of the beatles were lost it is time that they come back!
Ulla Gomez

good song | Reviewer: krissy/ violet | 6/7/10

i love this song. some people don't ike this song cuz they're not true beatles fans like me. i'm only ten and i've loved the beatles for a long time. second beatles song after love me do. this was the song that actually got me to love the beatles. i think the beatles deserve a round of applause for writing tese songs. !claps!

The Beatles, the kings of the music :DD | Reviewer: Michelle | 3/15/10

hello to all The Beatles fans! it's great that this music existed!
I consider myself a big fan, if not believe me, I swear I'm listening to his music at this time. listen to this song when I was about a year, and although they have only been 10 years since that, I think the music of The Beatles will remain the best of all time! :DD

Random Beatles momenet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/10

i'm 9,and i love the beatles.i acucully have a Yellow Submirne shrit.[too cute!] Once i was in school,and my exploritory music teacher was in the middle of telling us how to play the trumpet and she yells ''oh my god i love your shrit!''just goes to show ya that theres a whole world of beatles!:)

Dumb Dumb | Reviewer: Paula | 2/5/10

who ever put this song here is soooooooo
they don't know the lyrics!! shesh!
I do! i sing it all the time!
evry single song from the beatles!
shesh..poeple sould sing the song more. :-(

dear anonymous jerk | Reviewer: Fabio | 1/29/10

dude, Reagen said she loves the beatles, just because she said 70s child doesn't mean you have to be a douche bag. Seriously, the internet is too good for people like you.

about the lyrics, they're a little messed, missing lots of words.

70's child? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

Sorry to tell you Raegan but um... The Beatles broke up in 1970. Soooo if you think your a 70's hippie child because you listen to the Beatles you may want to check some dates somewhere. The Beatles were a 60's band. And that converse comment? Wow. You might want to check your facts on hippie culture, and sorry but your too young to be a real hippie anyways.

Peace,Tye-dye,Converse!!! | Reviewer: mike z | 12/18/09

since when do hippies wear converse? if you really want to be a 12 year old's idea of a hippie, try hemp sandals or something. birkenstocks if you want to be a rich hippie. get dreads and you're almost there!

anyway yeah this is a great song. i needed the lyrics because i learned to play this song a number of years ago on my guitar and just remembered yesterday i could play iy. i serenaded my girlfriend and she loved it! who wouldn't love the beatles?

my favorite band!:) | Reviewer: Raegan | 12/2/09

the first time i heard this song was when i was 5 and my grandma was singing it to me. i thought that the idea of living in a submarine was crazy!! i didn't hear that song again till three or four years ago. i had forgot how much i loved it. im a flat out 70's child and have been for two years because i got reconnected with the beatles and there amazing music. i always wear my converse, tye-dye shirts, and this colorful peace sign necklack everwhere i go for two years straight!!! as you can see this beatles song kinda turned me into a hippy with long blonde hair!~~~~~~Peace,Tye-dye,Converse!!!

haha | Reviewer: j-dizzle | 10/30/09

i love this song my teacher put it on the other day after we had a history test and made us start dancing and then she put on she loves you and made everyone do the twist it was pretty frickin funny!

I wish I could live in the yellow sub.. | Reviewer: ailsa | 10/21/09

Wouldn't it be cool if we could all live in the yellow submarine with the beatles looking out onto strawberry fields with crazy shinanigans involving sacraficial rings and weird Indian cults!
Great song, love the Beatles forever X

WOW! | Reviewer: Val | 9/25/09

I learned this song when I was in 5th grade! Actually, our teacher made sure we sang this every time we had music in class. I did not realize at the time that it was the Beatles! I am now 42 and was singing this for my son who is 8 years old. I decided to look it up online and to my it is! It is awesome...I taught it to all of my sisters as I was growing up. Wow! This has warmed my heart!

haha | Reviewer: Nick | 7/23/09

Jenny thats funny all of my friends either listen to only the stuff on the radio (which isnt all bad) or crappy death rock lol they think im a freak for listening to the classics like the beatles, zepplin, def leppard, etc. lol until a few days ago i didnt think the beatles were very good at guitar till i tried to learn HELP.... OMG hard as hell lol

:) | Reviewer: Jenny | 6/16/09

Hey to all you fifteen year olds and other youngsters that like the Beatles. Don't worry about what them other kids say about you, alright? Because honestly, rock music as we know it today wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Fab Four. So, if some emo tells you that your Beatles music isn't worth a crap, you just flash them a smile and peace sign and walk off because you know that you're right and they're wrong.