yellowwww submarine | Reviewer: sam | 6/6/09

this song actually was made after john and george first got introduced to LSD. Johns "dentist" put some in their coffee one night at dinner and after going to a club,john,george,cynthia&pattie all went back to george's house and john said how his house looked like a submarine. the walls were the water and they were all inside this submarine. right away john had to draw this picture of what he was seeing and later on they wrote a song about it.

Submariner discovers Oasis | Reviewer: Hern Sales | 3/9/09

You! Yes you, obviously a Beatles fan, and you can take pride in that. However, have you ever wondered why there were diamonds in the sky, alongside Lucy? Were they scattered around the
hole where the rain gets in? Do you remember the rain which soaked the Fireman in the Barbershop? What about the best B side ever? Rain. Join the dots together and you will see the pattern. Move a few miles away from Liverpool and you have Manchester, the Capital of Rain. What do you need in the desert? What do you have? Liam and Noel are, no less, a resurrection of the driving force of the Beatles. Both groups have very strong Irish roots, and Ireland is not called the shamrock land for nothing, a land of soft mornings and Celtic verse. An anagram of 'Oasis' and 'The Beatles' is 'Bless The World' in Gaelic.

subliminal | Reviewer: wallk | 12/21/08

people are different, and have their own interpretations when dealings of art, paintings, music and etc, as per Carl Jung, there is an collective unconsciousness where people sahre the same interpretations or visions, even dreams based on selected archetypes. in this particular movie one must watch several times to absorb the imagery and sounds, the sarcasm and message. deffinetely it is designed for the sub-counscious, acid tripping, mushrooms and pot.
closely, there is a message with the intention of mind manipulation of "love" or acceptance of who we are and the statte that we are as humanity today, lots of "colors" or "happy" moods, acceptance of homosexuality, drug abuse,unification of minds or people and deeper agenda of directing the population to expect such events to happen. double meanings from beginning to end. an must see movie for the educated mind.

Viva the beatles | Reviewer: Lea arena | 11/9/08

Gosh!!all beatles songs was great,blackbird,yellow submarine,let it be,etc.i love it all and also my teacher,he always play his guitar and we sing beatles song together in the end of his class but i only have his class twice a week thats ok,cuz he always fun and rockz like the beatles!

Beatles are the best ! | Reviewer: conor | 11/8/08

Every Saturday morning me and my Dad usually listen to the Beatles-First my Dad used to listen to them, now I do ! I really like the Beatles, I may be only 7 but they are my Favourite band ! :) :)........Peace out - CONOR

Beatles<3 | Reviewer: katy | 8/19/08

i like the baetles too im only 13, but i have a a girlfried hwo LOOOOVEs the beatles so soooo much and it affected me^^ so here i am searching for beatles Lyrics you know? Im from Denmark so im not so goodt at English *ROLF*

"When I'm sixty-four" | Reviewer: c.cruzier | 7/6/08

Wow. I sure love the Beatles. I may only be like fifteen, but they rock. Everyone at school thinks i'm crazy, but i tell them they are. The Beatles are the best. "When I'm sixty-four", I can't wait to tell my grandchildren about thease amazing artists as my grandparents do. I just love Paul McCartney.
Oh yeah, Jhona the shark, LOL! Nice...

good review | Reviewer: Khadijah Khatun | 4/20/08

hi im khadijah khatun and I like your song its wonderful to listen to because when your sad you can get cheered by it so now and again when i'm sad i'm going to listen to it i'm sure it will make me happy even it might make me dance to it and I would like a C.D of all the beatles songs and on the 22'nd of april 2008 I'm going to liverpool and i'm going buy a suverneir to remind me about liverpool and all my favourite songs that I like to listen to when I'm sad or when I'm board at home so i'll be switching on your songs it's been nice talking to you on the computer and remember i won't mind if i got sent a C.D by my favourite music stars Ringo Star' Paul Mcartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, but for now i have to go bye bye
nice talking to you.

magic mushrooms | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/08

I ate mushrooms and watched this video and I could have sworn the Beatles were geniuses, this is truly the best movie to watch when poisoned on purpose. Better than the wall, the fountain and or fantasia.

stoners | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

this song is all about getting stoned... if you listen to it youll hear a water bong in the back round, blue skys and a sea of green (weed) not to mention that sub means under or below, and they could be under the influence or sub-consious, as what getting stoned makes you

Yellow subriene | Reviewer: Jhona the Shark | 4/3/08

I love to have sex to this song i pretend that my penis is the yellow sumbmarine and that the old man is the sperm that i ejacualte and sometimes i eat it, but most of the times i wipe it on my fingers and stick it up my asshole and scream old man and the sea

Ummm BEATLES = THE BEST | Reviewer: Dee | 3/12/08

this song is just so good , i love the movie as well , there is nothing not to like , it has good music , jokes , and awesome 60's style animation , the beatles where legends , and every song they ever wrote was good , john lennon was a genius , and he had so much talent !

thats what i think . . .


submarine.. | Reviewer: Faust | 12/9/07

This song is about a childrens book, which wasnt made by the beatles and before the song was made.. nonetheless the song is crazily awesome and so is the movie. (drop a tab of lucy, then watch it :P)

Yellow Submarine DVD | Reviewer: Mary | 12/4/07

I have probably watched the whole DVD of Yellow Submarine more times than anyone alive.

I have used it as a music video for several years, and it has been the most entertaining, educational and enjoyable video on ANY level from kindergarten to adult. Perhaps the single song YS is a bit simple, but the classic story of good versus evil is a treasure. If you haven't seen the whole DVD, you should consider watching it for the 40+ year old animation done WITHOUT computers!

I teach children about Audio, Video and Story Telling Special Effects, and an incredible array of vocabulary words and references to mythology and history. I LOVE IT!

Come on, this is a classic | Reviewer: Some Guy | 11/25/07

Why would you bother reviewing this song if you hate it so much? lol

If you've never put this song on and cruised around in your car with your goofball friends, with all your heads bobbing around, singing randomly, you haven't lived.