Grammer | Reviewer: Weird Al Yancovic | 9/13/14

What does luv mean? And use punctuation! And B,C,R, and U are words, not letters! And I needs to be capitalized! Don't use slang! Kinda should be kind of, gotta should be have to! And the are the bomb does not make sense! And what does hve mean! Andputspacesbeetweenyourwords! You should all listen to word crimes, parody of blurred lines.and what did you say, Jakie Chan?! And use capital letters for proper nouns, and nothing else!

Hi! I took my very first classes of English at the age of 17. I had heard some of the early Beatles songs before but could not understand a single sound of the language. It was why I said to myself the time I understand the Beatles was short, cuz I loved it so much! And some 4 monthes later I was able to sing the "love me do" piece. The Beatles music has proved to be life-changing for me. I am 42 now, I live in Chita, Russia and I am a teacher of English. Yellow Submarine is a favourite. :)
Take care, evry one!
Mr. Oleg Gant

A Rock-n-Roll Classic For All Time | Reviewer: JOOD | 4/14/14

We sang this song in music class when I was in elementary school. Beats the heck out of "Sing, Sing a Song (Na Na Na-Na)" (BLEEECCCHHH!) by the Carpenters. Stomps the snot out of the corporate pop posers like Justin Beaver who have ZERO talent and ZERO cool (PUUUUKKKE!). This simple ditty is such great campy psychedelic fun. I've seen the Muppets do it on Sesame Street, it's great for religious retreats when you have a bonfire and smores, it's great for "star parties" - especially when someone has a telescope and is hosting a viewing bash to show a bright comet or a lunar or solar eclipse event or something. (Anything from Pink Floyd also is great for these events!). I first saw the animated Beatles title movie at a party and it's totally a trip, a real blast! The cultural legacy is far reaching - modern robot scientific subs are usually yellow, and this song was a big time fave of grunge king Curt Cobain RIP 1967-1994. It was sung at his funeral. Also, "yellow submarine" has entered the lexicon as a slang name along with "doobie", "joint", "J", "reefer" and more for a marijuana cigarette. This is music that is essential for life itself!

lived | Reviewer: Niamh | 2/18/14

in the song it actually is "in the town where I was born, THERE lived a man who sailed the sea" the word in capitals is what you missed I am a teacher and use this page lots thank you for all the considering you do towards children and there music lessons

translate this, it's interesting | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/6/12

Hola a todos, no hablo ingls pero este es un dato que quiero compartir con ustedes.

la cancin yellow submarine est inspirada en la droga ANFETAMINA, ya que ellos, en una de sus tocatas, no recuerdo donde, consumieron anfetaminas: pequeas pastillas amarillas que se meten bajo la lengua. submarinos amarillos.

bradley ni | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/12

hey i think it should be to everyone's knowledge that serial killer bradley ni has escaped from death row and is on the loose, please watch out for this 5 foot 3 asian madman me and a team of feds are looking for him he has last been seen in rockton il please let me know if you have heard anything, thanks.
- Staff Sgt.Martinez

We all live in a yellow submarine... | Reviewer: Lady Beatle | 2/7/12

I luv this song! I luv the tune and the lyrics! If I was a little older and lived back in the 60's, I'd marry Paul McCartney and John Lennon! Imagine. The Beatles and the Lady Beatle! How cute!



our song | Reviewer: theanne | 6/14/11

this is a bit weird but me and my sister always listen to this song whenever we are stressed out... and for no apparent reason we're relieved... after a good laugh and a high dose of YELLOW SUBMARINE...

none as you can see. or is this? | Reviewer: another Beatles fan | 6/2/11

well here is another teenager posting for the yellow submarine! this song is a really good one, I dont know if you have seen the movie but its also good, funny, psychedelic and with a lot of songs. But the album got the orchesta's songs and I dont like them too much. Sadly I've got nothing else to say. Goodbye!
P.S.: I also hate Justin's crap songs, its sad that with al the inovations the beatles made to the pop and the rock there is allowed that artists like that exist.

i think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/11

i think that people should be greatful that the beatles hve being around if wasn't for them we wouldn't have music today they have had a masive influens on all of music all the cords and the beats are all from the beatles all of the pop stars use them because they are so good. the beatles music is the best for unger childeren so tht they can learn more about music and the history now we all like differnt beatles songs and loads of them are my favortites but i am not bothered if someone dosen't know the lyrics well at leat i do or even you
love from I THINK.COM

the beatles rock | Reviewer: jackie chan | 3/11/11

I'm 13 and luv the beatles.....the inspire me to be betterluv more hate less......they are so much better than the modern day pop....if they werent old and two weren't dead. Id want to marry them....stay true beatles fans I love you all. Peace love happyness.....imagine all the people who do it

wedding tune??!!! | Reviewer: butterfly babe | 1/15/11

was only talking about this song yesterday - wanted my uncle & aunt to have it played in church when they married!!! but i also wanted salmon paste sarnies!!! my taste in food was eclisped by my taste in music!!!

Er.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/10

I love yellow submarines they are my favourite thing ever, i love them the are the bomb .OMG. I love you the beatles, marry me, all four of you. i don't care how old you are as long as were together


Or the fact that two of them are dead?

Marry me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/10

I love yellow submarines they are my favourite thing ever, i love them the are the bomb .OMG. I love you the beatles, marry me, all four of you. i don't care how old you are as long as were together