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Performed by The Beatles

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Re:Miri | Reviewer: r | 4/29/07

Its said that Dezo Hoffman who photographed beatles a lot somehow screamed this while the song was being recorder, and it was a message for communists in czechoslovakia from where he emigrated :)
but i am not 100% convinced

weird noises | Reviewer: Miri | 4/21/07

this part: " maakt dat ge gereed zijt", which is flemish, how I red upper, sounds like "mozte mi vylizat" in Slovak language and it means "you can lick me up" It's really funny :))

weird noises | Reviewer: lucas from belgium | 4/13/07

in the part of the song were you hear the weird noises and voices, someone is clearly saying " maakt dat ge gereed zijt". This is flemish (dutch) and it means "get ready".
i know this because they analysed the weird sounds in a belgian radio show.

Response to LUDO | Reviewer: brian armstrong | 4/11/07

The yellow submarine is society, We all live in ignorance of what is actually going on in the world.

yellow sub | Reviewer: fallon>> | 4/10/07

Massive fan on the beatles although born a long time after them. I dont think yellow submarine is their best song but no one seems to agree.
Although maybe thats just because the people i ask are ignorant prats who think that ringo and paul are dead and john and george and fine and dandy. oh god, now i sound like a know it all prat. oh well, we have to be something. but i dont have a question, how did "fayla" know the words in the dialect part of the song?

tell me | Reviewer: ludo | 4/9/07

well a lot of people told me that this song had a secret meaning if its thrue can you tell me whats it is thx !

weird noises | Reviewer: fayla | 4/5/07

I think these are the weird noises you're talking about:

"Full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain, full speed ahead, full speed ahead it is, sergeant cut the cable, drop the cable, aye, sir,aye, captain, captain"

hello | Reviewer: evelyn | 3/5/07

hello i'm evelyn . i live in argentina . i have got 13 yers old.
i love the beatles . my fabourit song is the yellow submarine , etc.
ok by by
i se you later ...

yellow submarine lyrics in weird sounds | Reviewer: Ralf-R. Conrad | 2/28/07

in the song "yellow sub" there is a part of weird sounds / additional words like "fire fire", "... sergeant..." like a small radio show i hardly understand acousticly beause i'm not a native speaker; its at the end of the song with bells ringing etc; can somone help me and tell me the words?

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