they pass away... | Reviewer: Jim | 1/24/07

I wonder if George thought of his own mortality when he wrote this, or if he thought of this as he faced his own mortality? Either way he left a great legacy. He urges us to consider our greatness and smallness in light of eternity. If we do not use our gifts, love will go on, life will go on without us. But far better is is to have them both go on within us.

deep..very deep | Reviewer: sam | 12/19/06

I agree, that it's a shame that more people have overlooked this tune. It is without a doubt my favorite Beatles tune, because to me, it typifies the difference between the sound and flavor of that time and present day. I mean, can you imagine many bands today that would have recorded this?R.E.M., maybe, but not too many others.

An admirer's opinion | Reviewer: Peter | 7/14/04

I'm surprised / disturbed to see no one has commented yet.

Imo, This was the first public indication of the spiritual journey that George had embarked upon. It was also, for many, our first introduction to the rhythm and sound that Ravi Shankar was bringing out of India at the time.

I never met George, and am merely one of his many admirers.
His heart lit the way for many who sought a more serene answer to the stupidity of our global social juvenility.

Thank you, Mr. Harrison, for your example.